Monday, March 29, 2010

A La Lucie

In the midst of the horrific weekend that was the UK loss I almost forgot to post about the delicious dinner that the BF and I enjoyed on Friday evening. I have blogged before that I am a super picky eater and when it comes to unique foods (or anything with color...haha) I am hesitant to try new things. The BF had been saying that he wanted to go back to A La Lucie downtown. He had been a few times with his family before and he raved about the food. After hearing all of these great things I googled it and was taken aback by the menu. The only thing that looked halfway normal (as in something that I would eat) was the mashed potatoes. I kind of danced around the fact that I wouldn't eat anything of substance if we went there, but the BF made the reservation and we went. I had fully prepared myself to swallow the food without chewing (I've done it so many times before that I don't even think twice about) and I think the BF knew I was nervous about the whole situation.

Before we went to dinner I had already picked out what I was going to order and I was prepared. After getting to the restaurant (I had only seen it from the outside) I was pleasantly surprised. The decor was very eclectic and the food was FANTASTIC. When I say FANTASTIC I mean I couldn't get enough. I ended up ordering the Apple Pork Tenderloin and it was literally the best meal EVER, and I would definately recommend it.

Outside shot of the building...downtown Lexington

Super cute and fun table decor....

A La Lucie...A La Delicious

We both had a great meal and I can't wait to go back. There are the sweetest little tables with leopard print umbrellas and hopefully next time it will be warmer and we can sit outside. I would totally recommend A La Lucie to anyone who is wanting to try something new and fun. 

I hope everyone has had a great Monday

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Sad Day In The Bluegrass

Today is a sad day in the Bluegrass. The beloved Kentucky Wildcats lost last night and the city of Lexington is in a state of mourning (as is the BF). The game was tough to watch and it was clear that the team was visibly upset with their performance. The sport blogs are aflutter with crude comments and chatter about the inexperience of the freshman dominated team. 

The team was visibly upset...

As upset as the team was, the fans were devastated...

This season was great and was great to be a part of a winning program again. The BF and I are still going to Indy for the championship game next Monday. I am getting super excited but I am unclear who to cheer for at this point. I have a about a week to figure it out, but don't judge, I am still a TRUE BLUE fan. Mommy TX emailed me a photo of our tickets and that made me that much more excited to go.

Indy, here we come!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Newest Love...

So it is no secret that I am a super picky eater and when I find something that I love I get super excited. I have a love for bland, tasteless foods and going to the grocery store is rather boring and more of a chore than something that I enjoy. When the BF and I were shopping at the new Kroger Marketplace, I am usually very ANTI-Kroger but it was the only option last Monday night. I would recommend at least trying to shop there, it was almost enjoyable, it is very clean and spacious, the exact opposite of the Wal-Mart Super-centers. As the BF and I were strolling through the aisles (the BF loves to go to the grocery so he was rather enjoying this whole experience...) I saw some Jello Pudding snacks and I thought "Hmmm, those look good," and the rest is history. I have taken the little individual cups to work and I look forward to eating them during my lunch break (when I say lunch, I mean sitting in my cube looking at imagining what the weather outside is like all while eating my sad little lunches) and they are FANTASTIC.

Even Bill Cosby loves Jello pudding... and the pudding is way cooler!

After googling Jello pudding I realized that people love it more than I do. I had no idea all of the uses (besides the whole mud-wrestling thing) that jello pudding can be used, all food related of course.

Jello pudding ice-cream...

Jello pudding wedding cakes

Pudding pops...

I was given some Le Crueset dishes just like these for Christmas...

I hope everyone picks up some Jello pudding next time at the grocery, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Happy Wednesday-
Love, MKH

p/s- UK plays Cornell tomorrow night in the Sweet 16, GO BIG BLUE!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

I hope everyone wore green today. Me being totally unaware of the day wore a pink cable knit sweater to work. Needless to say my place of employment isn't exactly holiday friendly. I had flashbacks throughout the day of having St. Patrick's Day parties in grade school with green frosted cupcakes and sprite in green solo cups (cheesy I know but it was grade school and I thought it was fantastic). I remember that my mother found matching green turtlenecks with leprechauns for my sister and I. I thought I was so cool in my festive top, and its even better that Mallory and I matched.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their St. Patty's Day.
Happy Wednesday-

p/s- If I would have remembered I would have gotten a button for the BF that said, "Kiss Me I'm Irish," but he may not want to take it off...I will be sure to pick one up for next year:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Minimal Self-Control...

So I have never been a big sweets person or I didn't think that I was until this weekend. My sister was in this weekend and we had a great time. We went to the mall and there it was...the Girl Scout cookie stand. I was hesitant to walk close for fear of buying hounded by the sweet girls in their uniforms, and sure enough I was suckered into a sale. I knew I was sold when the little girl behind the stand said that counting the cash helped her math skills. After giving her some cash she marked the receipt and counted out my change and thanked me for supporting her troop. I think that counting the proceeds probably did help their math skills even if it didn't I believed it. Growing up we never ate Girl Scout cookies and I didn't even think that I liked them. I ended up buying two boxes, a box of the Tagalongs and a box of the Minty ones. I don't eat minty things but I thought that the BF may like them. He like me wasn't crazy about them so I took them to work and my cube co-workers loved them.

I ended up liking them so much that I couldn't stop eating them. I usually have control about things like that but I went to go and grab one after work and I was shocked when I looked in the box.

3 days...1 cookie left

On a non-chocolate moment...UK Basketball won the SEC Championship in a nail biter on Sunday. It made for great chatter on TV, the blogs, and radio everywhere. Driving to work this morning, the local channels are still talking about it and the city of Lexington is gearing up for the first round of the NCAA on Thursday. 

My sister and I had a fantastic weekend, and I was sad to see her go on Sunday. We enjoyed our time together and I am super excited for  her to come to Lexington this Summer. She had her first Lilly Pulitizer experience this weekend at the Peppermint Palm and went home with some super cute Lilly things. I even picked up a few things for myself this weekend and I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can wear them. I can't describe how excited I am for Summer, but I have listed my top reasons below.

Reasons MKH is so excited for Summer:
1. Flip flops
2. No more ice on the Honda's windshield
3. Patio dining
4. Bright colored clothing

There are many more reasons but I thought I would limit the list to four. I hope everyone has had a great start to the week. I am already excited for the weekend and am ready for some major R&R. 

Happy Tuesday,

The BF's daughter...she was ready for her close-up:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogger Block...

So, its been a while since I have posted... 22 days to be exact, and I am sorry. I guess you could say that I have been suffering from "blogger's block." I totally blame the weather (up until 2 days ago) for my lack of motivation and creativity. Major things have been happening and I have listed them below.

Major life happenings since February 17, 2010 (my last post)
1. The clouds parted and the snow finally melted
2. Spring/Summer clothes have hit the stores
3. UK Basketball lost their 2nd game of the season (this was not as major to me as it was to the BF...)
4. My DVR has officially stopped recording/working-horrific
5. Did I mention the weather has finally warmed up?

I know, I know it has been a crazy 22 days (j/k) but I am back in the blogger groove. The BF is a regular reader and his reading material has slimmed down since my hiatus (he tends to read the Daily Days during meetings and during our Real Housewives Marathons...he is an avid follower-haha). But seriously I am out of my slump and today at work I was thinking of post ideas and a possible blog makeover.

On a much more serious note...the SEC Tournament started today and UK fans everywhere are hoping for a Conference championship.

Even Coach Cal is praying for a win...

To continue with the whole basketball theme of the post, the BF and I are going to be attending the NCAA Championship game in Indianapolis on April 5th. The BF will be heading home to TX for the weekend (tear, tear) and I will going home to spend time with my family. The NCAA Championship game is the Monday following Easter and I am so so super excited. I hope that UK makes it to the final so I can wear my most favorite UK apparel item, my Pennington and Bales skirt.

I guess even if UK doesn't make it I could always wear it to show my school SPIRIT. After googling the  tournament destination (Indy) I saw a photo of the arena and it looks great. It is a new arena and they are going to be hosting the Super Bowl along with some other big events in the next few years. 

Lucas Oil pretty

More to come about UK Basketball tomorrow...

My younger sister Mallory will be visiting this weekend. It will be so nice to see her and get to spend some time together. It will be her first solo road-trip to Lexington. She is much more brave than I was (and still is for that matter) when it comes to driving. I had never driven on the Interstate (or any road that was bigger than 2-3 lanes) until I came to college. My first trip driving down I-65 was when I drove home from college Labor Day weekend freshman year. The first time that I told the BF that story he thought it was the craziest thing that he had ever heard, and I was like "Yes, my dad drove the Honda to Blanding Tower while I rode in the front seat thinking OMG what am I doing?" My mother/sister/Aunt Juli followed closely behind in a much roomier car with a lot less emotion and stress (I am sure that was a super long ride for my dad...). But anyway, Mallory will be here on tomorrow evening and I have a whole weekend of relaxing things planned. I will be sure to post about our fun times.

I hope everyone has had a great 22 days and has a great start to the weekend!
Happy Thursday,
Love, MKH

p/s- GO CATS