Sunday, October 9, 2011

TV History ... Texas Style

Hello Lovelies....

In an effort to catch up on all of the things that have been happening since moving to Dallas I am trying to back track and post about all of the "Dallasy" things that we have been doing. A few weeks ago Husby and I went to Southfork to see the filming spot of my all-time favorite (beside I Love Lucy) TV show DALLAS. If you aren't familiar with the show I suggest "googling" it on the Internet because it is the one of the original prime-time TV dramas. Think Keeping up with the Kardashians in 1978 but truly scripted. When I was in high school (pre-RHONJ) I would watch the Dallas seasons on DVD. I haven't started collecting them for my stash but I think that is coming soon. I had always wanted to go to  Southfork to see where the show was taped and Husby surprised me with a day trip. I felt like it was Christmas but only 100 degrees and we were on a ranch. The evidence is below...

I was hoping to see the Ewings at Southfork but I was shocked when they weren't there to greet me...

It was so neat because it was like time had stood still on the grounds. Everything looked exactly how I remember from the TV show. The furniture, the art on the walls, and the patio furniture is all original from the filming of the show. I am a total sucker for anything that has a place in "TV history" so I was beyond thrilled with our day trip. I am assuming that there are other TV buffs that visit Southfork becuase there was a gift shop that rivaled any tourist trap that I had ever seen. We picked up a few goodies and even had lunch at the diner on site. Overall it was a great Saturday.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and I will be doing a play by play of the wedding events this week.... I keep telling myself its better late than never- right?

Happy Sunday!

p/s- I picked up a new top for Pure Barre yesterday and I can't wait to sport it this afternoon. Who knew that work out class was also a fashion show?
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bridesmaid Luncheon... Picture Overload

Happy Sunday....

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, I know that it has gone by way to fast for me. Husby and I have been busy painting in his new office, and he will officially not be working from the apartment as of tomorrow. I know he is beyond excited as looking at the same four walls gets old really quickly. My new job is going great. I have been there for over a month and on Tuesday a new buyer is starting so I will no longer be the "new girl." Again, I apologize for the intermittent posting but things have been beyond busy and I have started traveling with work. Two weeks ago I was on six flights in three days, I toured facilities in Buffalo, Minneapolis, and Syracuse. I will be traveling at the end of this month too and I am excited because it is only a day trip, fly out in the morning, and I am back at the DFW airport in time to go to Pure Barre.

**On a side note I started Pure Barre two weeks ago and I am beyond obsessed. I am going four times a week and I love the workout and how I feel afterward. Husby and I worked out with a trainer before the wedding and as much as I enjoyed that type of training Pure Barre is that much better. If you have a Pure Barre studio in your area I would highly recommend enrolling in a class to see if you like it. **

Now on to the good stuff.... Wedding Re-Cap. I can't believe Husby and I have been married for over three months. I feel like we just got back from Turks and Caicos yesterday. The day before the wedding my aunts hosted a Bridesmaid Luncheon at Dudleys on Short in Lexington. We lunched on great food and had a wonderful time just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Mary Ellen from MEllen Designs put together custom invitations menus, and place cards that were divine....

 Invitation.... Blonde Bride and Brunette Bridesmaids
Menu for each place setting
Personalized Place Cards...
I LOVE the gold chippendale chairs that served as place card holders
(the picture is fuzzy but you get the idea..)

It was a great luncheon and there were 26 special people that attended. The food was wonderful and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I have included (at length) the photography session from June 24, 2011; the Dudley's Luncheon.
The hostesses with the mostestess...

I told you it was picture overload.... It was a great time and I wish I could have all of those people in the same room enjoying a nice time more often. I seriously have pictures galore from all of the wedding week events and I am going to share when time permits.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I'm off to Pure Barre