Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Office Party...No Thanks...

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday marked one year as the reigning "Cube Queen." I couldn't and still can't believe that I have been out of school and employed (in a big girl job) for one year. It is crazy and I remember retreating to my car during my lunch break (only 30 minutes, which is borderline criminal...) and being completely miserable. The misery has subsided and I have settled into my role as "Cube Queen" quite nicely. I have always loved to celebrate birthdays (or anything that warrants a celebration) and I thought that my one year should be acknowledged. I guess that is what I get for thinking, because no one even looked up when I nonchalantly said, "I totally forgot, today is one year that I have worked here." Of course I didn't forget something like that (I have been reminding the BF for the last two weeks) so I figured that I would announce it to my fellow cube-mates.

No such party...

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining because my only cube-friend gifted me a Kit-Kat bar from the break room. I guess the others employed don't understand the greatness of well-planned event or even a pleasant "Hello." I think everyone rolled their eyes (I'm sure they mumbled under their breath, and probably still do) the day that I walked in because one of the first things I asked about was office supplies (my thought is one can't be expected to do their job well without the appropriate supplies). My cubicle is decorated with sweet framed photos and personalized coffee mugs full of colorful highlighters, while everything else that is not in my close proximity resembles the inside of a prison cell. I often wonder what the inside of my co-workers homes look like, I just hope their home decor doesn't mimic their cubicle style. Yellow post-its are so dull and unimpressive, I'm not afraid of color.

I hope everyone has had a great week, and HAPPY HUMP DAY!


Jess said...

Happy 1 year of being a big girl!!
I am with you on the dull accessories of my several boring tasks of being a secretary at work is ordering supplies for the office and I HATE to get the dull yellow post its! Give me purple, pink , and orange! I must say my houndstooth mouse pad does perk up my boring dull brown desk as well! I FEEL YOU!!!!

Taylor said...

Happy 1 Year!

Hey, I totally think you should be proud of yourself. I would definitely decorate my cubicle with colors and pictures, if I had one.