Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday and Home Decor....

Happy Hump-Day!

All of the fantasy party planning from yesterday's post got me to thinking... thinking about home decor. I haven't seen any pieces on the home sites that I frequent that I LOVE so I thought I would peruse some home furnishing sites. I am a big fan of all things home decor and furniture related. When the BF and I walk in the evenings we both comment on homes in the neighborhood that we like and I would love to tour some of my favorites (creepy I know, but I always wonder if the homes are as nice and beautiful on the inside as they are out on the outside). There was a home show in Lexington a few weeks ago but it only spotlighted kitchens. Now, I have nothing against kitchens but the whole oven and refrigerator thing (I do love dishes though...) doesn't really do it for me, I would much rather look at linens and other non-cooking furniture.

I found these beauties from Pottery Barn. Thoughts?

Love the patterned chairs! I guess kitchen items can be fun as long as no stainless steel appliances are involved...

Glass canisters are GREAT for easy decorating....

LOVE LOVE LOVE the tray (and its monogrammed, always a plus)...

If I had seen these linens before I moved into my new apt I would have definitely purchased the duvet and monogrammed sheet set...

These linens are also nice, I really like the red tones in the print...

Overall it has been a relaxing evening. I have made my Target lists for this weekend (Target trips will be made in between pool-side lounging dates with the BF) and I am on the hunt for some new cleaning supplies (slightly boring, I know) and I am excited. I felt almost lame today because I rushed home from work to start my laundry, yes laundry. No worries, my laundry is neatly folded and has been put away. I just always feel so much better when things are neat and tidy and in there proper place. I lived in filth freshman year in college (UK has a terrible dorm situation and no matter how much you clean it is still nasty) and looking back on it I don't know how I didn't have a constant nervous twitch. I tell myself that I was having too much fun to even think about the cleanliness of the dorm, and I guess thats right. With Mallory coming to UK and living in the dorm I am afraid that I may have painful flashbacks of the 20 year old carpet and the gross furniture that is bolted to the floor. 

Leaving you with the positive image of campus living... I hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday! 

The weekend is almost here!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Tuesday and Lilly Love

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is looking forward to the holiday festivities that are coming in a few days. The BF and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend lounging by the pool, I feel like I am finally starting to get a nice tan (I gave up the tanning bed about two years ago and am an avid user of the Jergens tan lotion and the occasional spray tan) and am super excited!

As part of our weekend ritual the BF and I stopped at Barnes and Noble. B&N is one of my favorite places, there is something for everyone there! I enjoy the smell of the Starbucks (even though I am ANTI-Coffee) and the whole "QUIET, people are reading" atmosphere is nice. I have blogged before about my love of reading (I will read anything; magazines, books, blogs, newspapers, literally anything) and I think since it is summer it makes me want to be outside even more enjoying a good book on the patio with a Sonic Sweet Tea.

I am in the middle of a new release by Jen Lancaster, My Fair Lazy and I wasn't in the market for a book but I thought I could use a few magazines. B&N is also great for stationary/planners/address books, etc and I had no idea that their selection was so large until I wandered back through some book stacks one afternoon. Granted the items aren't personalized but you can never have enough thank-you cards/thinking of you cards, etc. I have also been thinking about purchasing a NOOK from B&N, I go back and forth with the idea and can't decide if it would be worth it. There is something about having an actual book that you can close after reading and put back on the shelf. I kind of feel like I am attached to all of my other gadgets, and I may need to keep it "old school" and stick with actual hardback books. Who knows....

When the BF and I wandered in on Saturday at the front door I saw some Lilly beauties smiling back at me. I received a few Lilly birthday gifts from B&N but I had never seen the larger accessories, and I was super excited.

Desk accessories... I should have fixed the crooked card box on the right, that is bothersome...

Lilly beach totes...

I apologize for the poor picture quality, I was having to crouch behind the NOOK stand at the entrance. The NOOK people (I guess you have to be a special B&N employee to sell/talk about the NOOKS because there name tags read "ASK ME ABOUT THE NOOK, I KNOW NOOKS") were eyeing me funny and probably wouldn't care that the photo was for my blog (not that they asked, but I would have shared and told them about the Daily Days had they been curious). I made the photo-op quick and left with my new tote in hand/on the shoulder. 

It has tons of pockets on the inside, maybe for my future (or not) NOOK, just like the photo suggests!

I have only had the tote for 2.5 days and have only used it once (and it was completely unnecessary, but I thought I needed to try it out just to get an idea) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would recommend this bag to anyone, and don't fret if you aren't a pink person (I am not a pink person but this was just too cute) there is a blue bag also.

In lieu of the newest item to take up non-existent space in my closet I have been thinking about plans for the coming holiday weekend. I am not planning on hosting an event/gathering of my own but I have been compiling a "folder" on my desktop of what my decor and such would be if I were to have a party. In edition to wanting to be a professional ice-cream taster/gift basket queen I hope to be a wonderful hostess. Below are a few ideas that I found last night while perusing some of my favorite eventing sites that inspire me for the many parties to come (hopefully sooner rather than later).
The most important thing... I LOVE a good invitation...

Ascetically appealing spread, I am in love with the drink stands...

Adorable, everyone loves cookies... almost too cute to eat...

The desert cones are TOO cute...

And whats a party without the entertainment...maybe I could talk the BF into dressing as Uncle Sam...

I couldn't forget our four-legged friends...they like a good festive party too, WOOF!

What are your plans for the 4th?

I am exhausted from all of this future party planning, it really takes a toll, (funny I know). I hope everyone has had a great start to the week. Almost half way there!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Love, the hostess with the mostess MKH

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Summer- Almost Emergency

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone has had a great week and is super excited for the weekend! Monday was the first day of summer, and I know that I haven't blogged since Sunday so I want to wish everyone a happy 4th day of Summer. I am so happy that warm weather is finally here!

Oh sunshine....

I feel like it has been a super busy week at work/home/ and everywhere in between. Mallory was here in Lexington yesterday and today doing her orientation and other FROSH stuff for UK. I am super excited that she decided to come to UK and I know that she will have a wonderful time. I had planned on having dinner with my family yesterday after they left their scheduled events on campus. I rushed home from work and had just enough time to shower and get ready before they wanted to leave. I was scrambling trying to lay out my clothes for work today and set out my lunch and such when the fire alarm started blaring. I honestly didn't think anything about it as it usually means someone has "burned" something while cooking or someone is being immature and just felt like pulling the alarm. The alarm went off as quickly as it came on but the lights were still blinking. Because I was in a rush I didn't evacuate and I went about my business. The next thing I know my apartment is filled with smoke and my eyes are burning. I go to open my utility closet and smoke (I convince myself it is steam, but it really didn't make sense but it made me feel better...) is everywhere. A few moments later the photo below is telling of the scene that is my apartment.

4 fire-fighters, 3 axes, just like the movies.... PRICELESS

I guess the nice fire-fighters saw the smoke coming from under my door because the knocked and let themselves in. I was very surprised and was nervous and kept thinking, "OMG, my vacuum is in the closet, I wonder if it got too hot next to the hot water heater." Luckily the fire-fighters assured me that my vacuum had nothing to do with the smoke and it was something to do with the sewers and some gas issue. They confirmed that the smoke wasn't harmful and told me to turn on the A/C and the ceiling fans and everything would be fine. I am so glad they said A/C and ceiling fans because WAY TOO HOT to open the windows...

Overall it was a rushed and chaotic afternoon. Dinner was wonderful and it was nice to see everyone, even though it wasn't long enough. Happy almost Friday, and have a great weekend!

Smoke vs. Steam, I think I know the difference (maybe?)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smash Burger and Nail Update...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, it has definitely gone by WAY too fast! It has been beautiful weather here in Lexington this weekend and I even enjoyed some pool time this morning. I am so glad that Summer is finally here and the rain and snow have retreated for the time being.

Last week my dear friend Lauren and I made a date for dinner, and we tried this new place super close to our apt (Lauren and I don't live together but we do live in the same apt. building so dinner dates and such are really easy to coordinate). I had seen SMASHBURGER billboards and magazine inserts for the last few weeks and I was eager to try it. Hamburgers are on the super short list of things that I enjoy eating so I was more than excited, (I didn't think to take any photos of the inside of the restaurant or the outside seating, I even had my camera in my purse...). Lauren and I sat outside and it was a great (muggy-free) evening. I would definitely go back at eat at SMASHBURGER again, actually I can't wait to go back!

SMASHBURGER is on the bottom level of Center-Court.

I have received several emails/comments on the Strawberry Margarita nail polish that I posted about on Thursday. Apparently this nail polish is a huge seller this Summer for OPI and imagine my surprise when I was sitting at my hair appointment yesterday when I saw the official Strawberry Margarita mobile advertisement.

OMG...I guess it really is super popular.

I wish I could have snapped a picture of the back of the van, there was a cute Strawberry Margarita saying on the back windows. I knew then that the nail gurus were speaking to me and that I needed to pick up a bottle of my very own. When I went up to the counter I requested the bottle and everyone at the reception desk (in unison, I am not even kidding) was like, "OMG, we love that color." I have to say that I agree. 

I decided that my fingernails should match my toes...

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strawberry Margarita...

Happy Thursday!

I had my own version of Happy Hour this wonderful Thursday evening and yes it involved some Strawberry Margarita. I have never been much on margaritas let alone strawberry (not a fan of the flavor, I am more of a grape girl...) and tonight it just looked so lonely sitting there on the table that I thought I had to try it. This SM was sitting all by its lonesome on the OPI polish table at the nail salon, (I bet you thought that I had been out for a wild evening...) and I am so glad that I did. Apparently the Strawberry Margarita color has been the biggest seller this summer for OPI and I can definitely see why!!!


My poor toes were in need of some attention and I think the SM hit the spot. I am such a fan of this color that I may have to make a stop this weekend and pick up my own bottle.

My toes appreciated the nice color change too...

I hope everyone has had a great week and has a wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing by the pool and much needed touch-up with my hair girl. 

Love, MKH

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lets Talk Award(s)....

Happy Monday... I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a smooth Monday back at work. I apologize for my lack of consistency with the Daily Days. I feel like I have had tons going on lately and I think the blog has suffered the most. Last week I received an email that I had received my first blog award. When I read the email I was super excited and I had a flashback to when I had my first official blog follower, (oh the memories...). Words can't contain my excitement and then to my surprise I received the same award from a different blogette. Awards are always wonderful, and two makes the twice as nice.

I feel like Miss America...but instead of a crown, I have a computer!!!

Both Jess at Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink...OH MY and the 2Bloggeristas shared their LOVE and passed on the award. Stipulations of the award include documenting 7 things about myself and passing on the award to 7 lovely bloggers. I have included 7 quirky facts about myself below.

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all things cleaning and laundry related.

2. I am a super picky eater, anything and everything with color is OFF LIMITS (except for skittles and other MARS brand candy).

3. I think I may scared of the dark (not really, but I prefer to have several different light sources available).

4. I have naturally dark hair (SHHHH, don't tell anyone as I always dodge questions related to my natural hair color).

5. I really enjoy looking at cookbooks but I am not a fan of cooking

6. I would monogram anything (with my initials, the BF's initials, the dog's initials- any initials really).

7. I enjoy relaxing with a good book/magazine/blog.

7 Wonderful Lovelys- Check out their super cute blogs!

Thanks so much to both PPP, Oh My and the 2Bloggeristas for the super sweet award. Check out their blogs, they are wonderful:)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Enjoy this beautiful weather!
Love, MKH

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As Promised...

Happy Wednesday...

As promised I took some time last night to upload my photos from Mallory's open house. I enjoyed being at home for the party so much and I am so glad that the photos turned out.

We LOVE Lilly...Mallory and I before her guests arrived.

The BF, Mallory and I...

The gift table before guests arrived. Please notice the blue and white candies- GO CATS

The BF gifted Mallory a super nice UK gift basket that was full of UK goodies. All of the party guests were very impressed and several people commented on how great of an idea that the UK basket was. The BF did a wonderful job and Mallory was very surprised and thought it was GREAT! 

ALL ABOUT MALLORY... Photo easel in the entryway. 

The spread... YUMMY

The centerpiece of the table...RED VELVET (egg-free) CUPCAKES...

I wish I had brought some back to LEX.

Please note the attention to detail on the cupcakes. My dear Aunt Juli spent several hours perfecting these cupcakes. The cupcakes are frosted with cream cheese frosting (also egg free- Mallory is highly allergic to eggs so finding a baking recipe sans the eggs is difficult) and they are topped with a chocolate malt ball (which is meant to be the head of the graduate). Of course every graduate has to have a cap (the graham cracker shown above) and what is a cap without a tassel (the sour airhead straws), and then to top it off a UK BLUE mini "M" (for Mallory...just don't tell the makers of M&Ms). The cupcakes were a huge hit and I wish that I had snagged a few to bring home. So thoughtful and Mallory was so proud of them...

Key Lime fruit tarts... FANTASTIC


The BF and I...

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and I am sad that it went so quickly. It was a weekend of great food, friends, and family. 

So many little blog space!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has had a great start to the week. I feel like I have been in a complete whirlwind these past 2 weeks. The BF and I have been super busy with traveling to my hometown (the land of no 3G and dial up Internet) the past two weekends to celebrate my sister's graduation and then with her graduation open-house. I have not gathered all of the photos from this past weekend (loading pictures on my computer is my equivalent of torture...) and am waiting until all of the photos have been loaded to blog about the weekend soiree. I will say that I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing people that I hadn't seen in ages.

Last week I celebrated my re-occurring 21st birthday and I received some wonderful goodies. On Friday before leaving to go home for the memorial weekend the BF brought me a gift and was adamant that I open it before we left. I knew that it must be something edible and I was super excited at the thought. Let me just say that I was SUPER SUPER SUPER excited when I actually opened the box- it was pure goodness, chocolate goodness.

BAKED NYC....the best brownies ever

Super excited to try some of these recipes...

Knowing that I have a true weakness for brownies Mommy/Daddy TX hit the spot with the heavenly treats and cookbook. Check out where you can order the same wonderful brownies here. I was so excited for the brownies that I was content with no other surprises for my special day. The BF also did wonderfully with picking out some lovely stationary and great knick-knacks.

Lilly Pulitzer note cards....super cute

Lilly Pulitzer address book...perfect for the super organized (which is totally me)...

I apologize for the short post. My apartment looks like a bomb exploded (not really but I am getting a nervous tick at the laundry that needs to be folded) and it needs some TLC. I hope everyone has a great evening and a wonderful Wednesday.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I almost forgot...j/k

Today is my 23rd (or re-occurring 21st) birthday!

I have had a wonderful day of relaxing nothingness. I spent the greater part of my morning laying out by the pool trying to even out my "lobsterness" from Saturday, and am now enjoying the comforts of my A/C and DVR. I enjoy lounging by the pool but I enjoy climate controlled areas even more.

The BF and I went to see SATC2 yesterday and he was less than thrilled with the entire experience. He was a wonderful sport and I promised to watch something manly (UFC fighting or something similar) next time. I will say that I was a bit disappointed in the movie. I really enjoyed the first one but the sequel was less than entertaining and very predictable (as most sequels are). 

I think the sun zapped my last ounce of energy because I have no motivation to detail the wonderful birthday surprises that I have been showered with. That will have to be a post for tomorrow. 

Enjoy your Tuesday for the 2nd time!

Weekend ReCap

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. The BF and I spent the start of the weekend in my hometown in celebration of my sister graduating from high school. We had a wonderful time (minus the no 3G zones and the lack of high speed Internet) and I felt like I was in some sort of time-warp. I haven't kept in touch with anyone (my small town high school experience wasn't exactly very enlightening or socially enriching) and I watched from afar as some of my fellow classmates were acting like the immature people they were in high school. I thought about snapping a few pictures of my surroundings (people with mullets, cut-off jean shorts, and camouflage cowboy hats) but I didn't think that I could manage to get a good shot without the people noticing. I was however able to snag some cute pics throughout the weekend!

Mal and I on Friday after arriving home...NO MORE SCHOOL!!!

The BF and I before graduation...

The BF and I with the graduate... SO SO Proud!

Great minds think alike...

I think the picture above is so funny. The BF and I had spotted my aunt and uncle sitting in the stands and went up to say hello and on our way back down the BF commented that a blonde lady looked like she had on my same dress. The "blonde lady" turned out to be my Aunt Sina. I was so shocked that we were wearing the same printed Lily Pulitzer dress. I had purchased my dress back in March and I just taken the tags off earlier in the afternoon, she had done the same. I guess great minds really do think alike. We were a vision in Lily Pulitzer. 

Taylor, Klay, MKH, and the BF after dinner.

Please notice that the BF and I have lobster faces. We sat outside on the porch for about an hour on Saturday afternoon and literally roasted. I was so pale (being the cube-queen doesn't allow for sunbathing) that I baked in the sun. I was afraid that it was going to be super noticeable against the white embroidery of the dress but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

The BF and I are traveling back to Franklin this weekend for Mallory's graduation soiree. I am super excited for her open-house and am openly jealous that I will not be an incoming FROSH in August.

Enjoy your Tuesday!