Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Sorority Week!

Happy Saturday-

It is raining in Lexington and after a long day of move-in with Mallory I am enjoying my quiet time. It has been a long day and I can't even think about moving/organizing/folding anything for days so I thought that I would reflect back to my "glory days" of being Greek. When I was helping Mallory move-in today I was a bit nostalgic as it was 5 years ago today that my parents dropped me off at school and I was left to be on my own. 5 years ago today Mallory was 12 and she was there helping me pack in bags and bags of clothes/bedding/ and other "necessities" and I'll just say things don't change. The elevators were broken (granted it was only 4 floors, but still it they should have been prepared. What would have happened if I had sprained my ankle or something?) and the heat was suffocating (Lexington has had the hottest summer in 45 years this year and it didn't break today) but overall I had a great day. I think that my secret calling in life is to be a professional organizer. Granted I am slightly OCD (no shoes allowed in my apt/ dirty laundry makes me twitch, and don't sit on the bed) and I would like to transfer those tendencies to Mallory (she isn't having any of it...) and I hope that her dorm stays somewhat clean. More on the dorm move-in tomorrow as I have to upload the pictures and that in and of itself is daunting.

Having been a faithful member of the Delta Beta Chapter of Delta Gamma at the University of Kentucky the first two weeks of August mean hard work, long days and even longer nights. When sorority recruitment week at UK comes around you know that your life belongs to your House. Recruitment starts tomorrow and I am reminded of the fun times at the DG house.

MKH, Steph, and Michelle (Matching T-Shirt Day.... Open House 2008)

Glitter Galore.... DG LOVED the sparkle!

Preference Day 2008... 

More to come with Mallory and the move-in. I felt like a proud parent... My little Mallory is all grown up!

Happy Rush!


College Prepster said...

I'm so with you about the no sitting on the bed thing... drives me NUTS!

Laura said...

ahhh... Sorority life at Kentucky!! how i miss it so!! I was an ADPi and have a really good friend who was a DG (Kristin Bik).. <3

The Watts Watch said...

I miss those days of recruitment! I was a DG at NKU! :)