Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Happy Tuesday, but more importantly Thank Goodness Its Election Day (TGIED). Election results in Lexington have been buzzing for the last few hours and the polls closed hours ago. Despite the massive shakeup that today was to bring to US politics I can honestly say that I am glad that today is almost tomorrow in terms of the election. I hope that tomorrow I can drive without seeing some crazy donkey (literally) dancing holding a sign that says, "Vote for ________" and I am also over the whole slanderous tv and radio ads. I know its the name of the game, but sometimes I wish everyone could play nice and act like adults. I just want to listen to my Britney Spears on the radio without any political interruptions, is that really too much to ask?

I haven't spoken about my "Cube Queen" duties as of late and I am frankly about to relinquish my spot on the throne. Since I transitioned to _________, my daily routine has been less than glamorous. On Monday my inbox was at zero and I decided that I couldn't handle it any longer. I figured I might as well be proactive since this whole wedding thing involves tons of work on the front end and I thought I've got nothing but time. On Monday morning (730ish EST) I made a to-do list for myself for the day and I was able to cross off all of the tasks that I was going to finish after work. I have listed the list below to show just how empty my day was while I was at work.

MKH To-Do List for MONDAY...
1. Successfully print-off and apply for passport (Complete)
2. Compile address list for my section of the wedding guests (75 people) and input into excel (Complete)
3. Make lists of different items to put on registry (Complete)
4. Click refresh on my email inbox just in case someone needs something.... (Complete)
5. Read 175 pages in the "Bluegrass Conspiracy," a Lexington classic (Not on my list but I had extra time)
6. Read 143 pages in "Savannah Breeze," one of my favorite books to finish the series (Complete)
7. Click refresh on my email just in case someone needs something.... (Complete)
8. Email wedding photographer/planner/invitation guru several questions (Complete)
9. Clean desk and organize non-existent paperwork (Complete)
10. Click refresh on my email inbox just in case someone needs something... (Complete)

If only I was able to do laundry, clean my shower, and vacuum out my car while at work, I would have been super-productive. I can honestly say that I finished all of the above mentioned tasks before 1pm EST. I created the excel invitation list all without making any phone calls, and I started the registry list(s) without browsing domestically centered websites. As much as I accomplished I wish that I would have been doing actual work. I can't stand being idle at work for very long and until all of the necessary steps are completed with my new employer my co-workers and myself (2500+ people) are basically idle. I can use some down time every once in a while, but just not daily.

My home, M-F 7:00am to 3:30pm, and yes the black swivel chair is my throne!

I am trying to catch up on my daily bit of news and all thats newsworthy is the Election 2010. Maybe tomorrow people will calm down a bit. As long as there aren't any more dancing donkeys I think I can manage. 

Happy TGIED....

p/s- The FIN and I had our engagement session this weekend in Nashville. The shoot went wonderfully, and I will be sure to post pictures soon! We had an amazing time and Cameron was AMAZING...

A little sneak peak.....


Annie said...

Those pictures are gorgeous...can't wait to see more!

Jennifer said...

Your pictures look amazing! Loveee them :)