Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day....

I hope everyone is having a "thankful" day with family and friends. I am so thankful for so many things this year. As this is my first holiday away from my old Kentucky home my heart is heavy but I am thankful for Husby and his wonderful family. We had a wonderful meal and are enjoying some relaxing down time. With Thanksgiving Day almost behind us I am counting down the days until we travel back to Kentucky. The daily countdown at work has started and I'm beyond excited to get back to Lexington. For Christmas (I know Thanksgiving isn't over yet and I have already cracked and told the gift) I gifted Husby with UK basketball tickets. If you haven't read my blog before Husby is BEYOND obsessed with the UK Wildcat Basketball team/the coach/the players/ and all things royal blue and white. A small part of him died the day that we moved to TX as the accessibility to the Cats became much more limited.

Enough Christmas talk as I have always felt sympathy for the Thanksgiving holiday as people seem to rush through the day in order to put up their Christmas garb. The lights in Dallas have already been lit and it looks like it should be December (and its been that way for a few weeks now)granted it s still 72degrees and sunny but you can't have everything. Poor Thanksgiving has always been overshadowed, it's like the step-child holiday that is just a stepping stone to something bigger, better, and more sparkly, (not really but you get the analogy.)

What are you thankful for?
More Later...
Love, MKH-G