Monday, May 28, 2012

Jen Lancaster... How I Love To Read Thy Books

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend! I know that Chad and I have been complete bums and laid by the pool all weekend. It has been beyond wonderful to relax and just enjoy each other without the ding of phones or email. We should have three day weekends more often. We spent Saturday night scoping out some fun new restaurants and decided on eating at Lockhart Smoke House. I had seen an article in Southern Living (article found here) and thought that it would be a nice change from the Mexican binge that we tend to fall into. We wandered around and finally decided that we were hungry. Inside the restaurant was really different (a la gas station) and the way the food was served reminded us of an old-fashioned butcher shop.

So Happy... parchment paper and all
It even has neon ATM signs like a gas station...
but dont let it fool you. It lived up to the Southern Living hype.

A few weeks ago (before we were consumed with BBQ and relaxation) I was able to meet one of my all-time favorite authors at the local BBN. (my pictures were lost in camera-land until a few days ago and that is why I am just now posting). I stood in line early one morning to get the "preferred seating tickets" and I pre-ordered the copy of her new novel weeks ago. That morning I think I was 10th in line so I patted myself on the back for getting up extra early when I could have hit the snooze button. The week of the book signing it was all I could think about. It was probably what Christmas is like for little kids but it was even nerdier that I wasn't getting gifts but a book that I would put on the shelf and refuse to read for fear of messing up the binding or crinkling the pages. OCD as it may be it was totally worth it as I sat in the second row during her Q&A and book reading. I was even nervous when it was my turn to have her sign my books, (yes I re-purchased copies of her other novels so I would have the full set signed and perfect).
Reading Chapter 7 from Jeneration X....
Signing all 7 of the books that I re-purchased...
She even told me my pants were very "snazzy"

I am loving her newest book and am looking forward to her coming back next year. Apparently she loves the BBN at Northpark and they love her back and she visits often, which is good for book hoarders like myself. I was actually shocked as she didn't have any PR people or press/handlers with her. I know she is an author but she's been on the NYT Best Sellers List and she has had wine with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show so that makes her famous, right? 

Famous or not it was wonderful to get to meet her and have my books signed. I will be counting down the days until she visits again! 

Until next time... Happy Monday