Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hair Emergency...

I hope everyone has had a great day. It is still snowy and cold here, and I am so ready for Spring. Last week in the midst of V-Day mayhem, super cold temps, and other things my beloved straightner died. Yes, thats right it went KUPUT!

Over Christmas I was telling Mommy TX about how great my straightner was, I was literally raving about it. The night that I got back to KY I went to touch up my hair and it wouldn't turn on, I was able to fanagle and twist the cord to where it would get hot enough to do the job but every time I would go to fix my hair I would get a bit nervous in fear of it finally dying.

Well last week it finally happened and my favorite hair accessory bit the dust. The straightner (RIP) had been my BFF since my junior year in high school, literally for 7 years. And trust me if you had seen my hair pre-flat iron you would have wanted me to find one ASAP. My straightner made it through 4 years of college, several road trips, and numerous close calls with the floor, so in reality my straightner was over 100 years old. Despite all of the close calls and the many times she was overheated she was a trooper and helped me through many humid and rainy days.

She worked so well for almost 7 years!

Last Thursday night I came to grips with the fact that she wasn't going to get hot anymore so I decided that I would have to break down and replace her. It was snowy and cold and not knowing where to go I went to the mall and went to the only hair place I knew of. I forgot to mention that my original straightner decided to die in the middle of the hair fixing process so when I went to the mall my hair looked similar to the photo below.

Granted my hair isn't that long but you get the idea...

I went into Regis (I wouldn't reccomend going there but I was desperate) and I found the newer version of my old straightner. I was so pleased and super excited to get home and fix my matted mop of hair I could barely stand it. I have been using the new one for almost a week and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If anyone is in need of a new straightner I would highly recommend the Paul Mitchell one that I purchased. It was definatley worth it, and you can check it out HERE.

My new BFF.

All is well on the hair front and I am so glad that my hair is back to its normal straight self. Lets just say that my curly is a HOT MESS, the picture above is tame compared to what it looked like pre-flat iron. Oh well, that is a whole other story for a whole other day!

I hope everyone had a great hump day and is getting excited for the weekend

Happy Wednesday!
Love, MKH