Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogger Block...

So, its been a while since I have posted... 22 days to be exact, and I am sorry. I guess you could say that I have been suffering from "blogger's block." I totally blame the weather (up until 2 days ago) for my lack of motivation and creativity. Major things have been happening and I have listed them below.

Major life happenings since February 17, 2010 (my last post)
1. The clouds parted and the snow finally melted
2. Spring/Summer clothes have hit the stores
3. UK Basketball lost their 2nd game of the season (this was not as major to me as it was to the BF...)
4. My DVR has officially stopped recording/working-horrific
5. Did I mention the weather has finally warmed up?

I know, I know it has been a crazy 22 days (j/k) but I am back in the blogger groove. The BF is a regular reader and his reading material has slimmed down since my hiatus (he tends to read the Daily Days during meetings and during our Real Housewives Marathons...he is an avid follower-haha). But seriously I am out of my slump and today at work I was thinking of post ideas and a possible blog makeover.

On a much more serious note...the SEC Tournament started today and UK fans everywhere are hoping for a Conference championship.

Even Coach Cal is praying for a win...

To continue with the whole basketball theme of the post, the BF and I are going to be attending the NCAA Championship game in Indianapolis on April 5th. The BF will be heading home to TX for the weekend (tear, tear) and I will going home to spend time with my family. The NCAA Championship game is the Monday following Easter and I am so so super excited. I hope that UK makes it to the final so I can wear my most favorite UK apparel item, my Pennington and Bales skirt.

I guess even if UK doesn't make it I could always wear it to show my school SPIRIT. After googling the  tournament destination (Indy) I saw a photo of the arena and it looks great. It is a new arena and they are going to be hosting the Super Bowl along with some other big events in the next few years. 

Lucas Oil pretty

More to come about UK Basketball tomorrow...

My younger sister Mallory will be visiting this weekend. It will be so nice to see her and get to spend some time together. It will be her first solo road-trip to Lexington. She is much more brave than I was (and still is for that matter) when it comes to driving. I had never driven on the Interstate (or any road that was bigger than 2-3 lanes) until I came to college. My first trip driving down I-65 was when I drove home from college Labor Day weekend freshman year. The first time that I told the BF that story he thought it was the craziest thing that he had ever heard, and I was like "Yes, my dad drove the Honda to Blanding Tower while I rode in the front seat thinking OMG what am I doing?" My mother/sister/Aunt Juli followed closely behind in a much roomier car with a lot less emotion and stress (I am sure that was a super long ride for my dad...). But anyway, Mallory will be here on tomorrow evening and I have a whole weekend of relaxing things planned. I will be sure to post about our fun times.

I hope everyone has had a great 22 days and has a great start to the weekend!
Happy Thursday,
Love, MKH

p/s- GO CATS


Ashley said...

Really glad the blogging is back. I'm an avid reader as well and have been frequently checking for updates the past 22 days. Pretty jealous and your and the BF's little trip.