Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Newest Love...

So it is no secret that I am a super picky eater and when I find something that I love I get super excited. I have a love for bland, tasteless foods and going to the grocery store is rather boring and more of a chore than something that I enjoy. When the BF and I were shopping at the new Kroger Marketplace, I am usually very ANTI-Kroger but it was the only option last Monday night. I would recommend at least trying to shop there, it was almost enjoyable, it is very clean and spacious, the exact opposite of the Wal-Mart Super-centers. As the BF and I were strolling through the aisles (the BF loves to go to the grocery so he was rather enjoying this whole experience...) I saw some Jello Pudding snacks and I thought "Hmmm, those look good," and the rest is history. I have taken the little individual cups to work and I look forward to eating them during my lunch break (when I say lunch, I mean sitting in my cube looking at imagining what the weather outside is like all while eating my sad little lunches) and they are FANTASTIC.

Even Bill Cosby loves Jello pudding... and the pudding is way cooler!

After googling Jello pudding I realized that people love it more than I do. I had no idea all of the uses (besides the whole mud-wrestling thing) that jello pudding can be used, all food related of course.

Jello pudding ice-cream...

Jello pudding wedding cakes

Pudding pops...

I was given some Le Crueset dishes just like these for Christmas...

I hope everyone picks up some Jello pudding next time at the grocery, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Happy Wednesday-
Love, MKH

p/s- UK plays Cornell tomorrow night in the Sweet 16, GO BIG BLUE!