Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blogger Break!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas holiday. It came and went so quickly that I almost missed it. I had a wonderful time spending time with family and relaxing. I had been vacationing from my daily duties as the CQ (cube queen) and today was my first day back and it was super hard for my feet to hit the floor this morning. I only have a 2-day week so I am not complaining.

The BF and I had a wonderful time with his family in TX. I was able to spend several days with his family and it was nice to relax. The weather was nice until the day that I left (naturally) and I had a borderline traumatic experience/day at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Yes, I am being dramatic but I am not a good solo traveler and my attention span was definitely tested.

While in TX I was able to make a new friend. As most know I am not so animal/dog friendly but on this trip I was changed because I was mildly taken with Mommy TX's dog, Gracie. I know that sounds a bit much but I would totally adopt a pet if she was guaranteed to be like Gracie, she is so great that she even posed for some pictures.

Myself, Gracie, and the BF

Awkward prom moment....

No signs of Christmas:(

After leaving TX and the horrid Dallas airport I made the trip to my hometown for a few more days of relaxation. I was able to snap a few photos on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day pics soon to come, better late than never!

Cousin Klay and I.

Kendra, Klay, Myself, and Mallory

As most of my blogger buddies know I am mildly obsessed with Gigi's cupcakes. My sister knowing this  wrapped some up and gave them to me for Christmas. I know the way that I talk about these cupcakes people must think I am 300 pounds. I promise I am not larger than life but my love for Gigi is. Out of all of the gifts that I received from Santa and his helpers the cupcakes made my day. Mallory and my Aunt Juli risked their sanity to get these cupcakes in a super busy area of Nashville the day before Christmas. I enjoyed every morsel of the cakes and even skipped meals so I could savor every bite. I even got a giftcard to enjoy the calorie packed treats after the store in Lexington opens. I talked to my sister and to my BFF Ashley who lives in Bowling Green and they both said that the Gigi sign is up for a new store. I had no idea that Gigi was going to be gracing her presence in BG, but I am beyond excited.

I had a fantastic Christmas and I am sad that it went by so quickly and so did my vacay time. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and has safe New Years plans.

Happy Wednesday
Love, MKH (the dark rooted blonde, but don't worry blonde will be back tomorrow-happy highlights!)