Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SURPRISE...Christmas has ARRIVED!

Since being in college (I graduated in May, but I still consider myself a student) I haven't exactly decorated for Christmas. In years past I have purchased a poinsetta at Target and hoped I could keep it alive until Christmas or bought something small like buying a Christmas mug from Starbucks. I am totally not a Scrooge but the whole decorating in a small apartment did nothing but make my head spin- I am envisioning clutter as I am writing. While doing some shopping over the last few weeks I have seen the cutest Christmas decor, and this goes way beyond your average tree and garland. I always wish I had the space to put some of the knick-knacks and I love trolling through the Christmas decoration mags too.

I have found some of the cutest things at one of my favorite Lexington shops, Two Chicks and Company. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Two Chicks and every time I go I never leave empty-handed. The BF went with me one day and I think he was slightly overwhelmed. There stuff is super cute and unique, I like that the women are super friendly and I secretly would LOVE to work there. After visiting the store before leaving for Thanksgiving I found the best UK inspired Christmas item. I even left the store to do some more browsing and ended up coming back to make a purchase.

Even the UK Wildcats celebrate Christmas

The Wildcats were all nestled snug in their beds as visions of Bowl Games danced in their heads.

On the stand...I love the snowflakes around the edge-very festive!

The plate was a great find and I would have loved to have found a few more for gifts. Sensing that I was in need of some holiday cheer/decor the BF showed up at my apt with a tree and ornaments in tow. I was so surprised and it was so thoughtful. There were several bags with accessories and even a sweet tree skirt.

Dark...but shows the beginning of our tree!

The BF hard at work...there were lights on, I don't know why the picture didn't turn out...

Our first tree and a wonderful surprise...

The BF and our tree...Perfect!

I enjoyed putting up the tree, the only bad part is going to have to be taking it down after Christmas. As I writing I am admiring my apt's newest addition. It was a fantastic surprise and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our first tree!

23 days and counting till Santa-
Love, MKH