Sunday, December 6, 2009

Call me Lucy, I Love Lucy

Maybe it was GIGI inspiring me to spread some Holiday cheer or maybe it was the cold weather but this afternoon I made some chocolate covered pretzels. I haven't made the sweet and salty treats in a few years and I had forgotten how much of a mess it made. I scalded my fingers a few times and by the time I was finished I had chocolate on my face, on my shirt, and on the floor. I was about to have a nervous attack about half way through looking at the mess that I had made. Literally the chocolate was everywhere and when looking around I immediately thought of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy worked in the chocolate factory. In the episode Lucy ended up getting a job at the chocolate factory working on the assembly line. Before the episode was over Lucy had the chocolate everywhere.

I couldn't find the exact clip but this one is just as funny!!!

I have a few photos from my chocolate adventure this afternoon.

The necessary supplies!

Pre-melted chocolate. It was like little chocolate bricks!

Post-melt, it looks yummy but pure baking chocolate doesn't taste too good!

The finished product, notice the tree in the background!

I had a nice time semi-being domestic this afternoon. I tasted a few but then I had to box them up. I could eat these all day long, they are just so addicting.

I hope everyone has had a great and relaxing weekend!
Love, MKH