Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blogging From Bed...

Day 4 of the snow and I am officially over it!!!!

I have been doing the whole blog thing for a few months now and I have picked up on a few things that a few blog buddies do and I think that I am going to start "Blogging From Bed" on Saturdays.

"Blogging From Bed" #1: Kate Gosselin's new non-spiked mullet hair-do.

Long extensions on the cover of People's current issue.

Before the extensions but without the spikedness. Much less harsh

I used to love watching John and Kate Plus Eight but now I just feel so bad for those kids. After the Gosselins went Hollywood the show went downhill so quickly. As much as I love reading the celeb magazines and watching the Entertainment TV I even think it is crazy that her new hairstyle was newsworthy.   

Thoughts on Kate Gosslins' new do?


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