Friday, January 1, 2010


As I was driving to my much needed hair appointment yesterday I saw the new home of GIGIs. I know right, enough with the cupcakes but I was so happy to have finally found the store. I have been trolling the website for updates on locations, and when the BF and I were in Louisville we asked the girl working about the location and she said that it had not been decided. I was totally not even paying attention I was thinking of my sweet tea from Sonic and I happened to look over and there was the sign for GIGI. It is fate that the Sonic is next to GiGIs, I mean really it is.

I guess when I go to get my hair done I will not only get to treat myself with a Sonic sweet tea I will be getting a cupcake too. Thank-goodness I wasn't irrational with my New Years Resolutions and try to cut back on the cupcakes. I may have to make a 1/2 Years Resolution in June (just in time for swim-suit weather) to lay off the cupcakes...

Happy Jan. 1st