Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scary Speidi

Happy Thursday... it is still super cold here in Lexington and I blame the weather for my lack of blogging. I think I may have a winter brain freeze, not the kind with ice-cream but the kind that all you want to do is stay warm and getting up to get your computer may cause frostbite (dramatic I know, but we hit 30 degrees today and I thought I was having hot flashes.)

My typical cold weather gear is not so much fashionable as it is warm. I learned really quickly that warmth is way more important and the cute little swing jackets and cropped vests are more appropriate for fall and early spring. I tell myself that looking like a Yeti is totally acceptable as long as I am warm.

My newest piece of winterized garb is a pair of the Burberry earmuffs. I had never been much of an earmuff person but after I walked a few mornings in the cold I soon became a believer. The earmuffs are super cute and the actual muff part that covers the ear is made from the same material (cashmere) that the Burberry scarves are. I opted for the cream ear covers instead of the camel.


On a much warmer weather note. Heidi Montag-Pratt (the tabloid crazy Hills member) has made news once again for her crazy addiction to plastic surgery. I was watching E! News last night and they briefly flashed a new (very plastic) photo of Heidi and I was like OMG, is that a drag-queen. I was totally convinced that some looney person had gone under the knife to look like Heidi (you know like a crazed fan or something ridiclous), but it was true and she looks totally different. She claims to have had 10 different procedures in one day.

As much as I hate to admit I'm a Hills Fan (pre-Kristin), and to be honest I always liked Heidi. She was never my favorite but I wasn't irritated by her. After seeing the clip I was totally shocked and to top it off People magazine ran her as their cover story. Not only does she look awful she is putting her insecurities on display for everyone to laugh at and mock. I have included some photos of Heidi through the years (as depicted by E! News)

Cute and natural...

A few little tweaks...Circa 2008

Cover of People Magazine out on stands now!
She is unrecognizable.

Oh Well. The BF and I are off to Franklin for the weekend (aka the land of dial-up Internet) and I will definately post pictures of the weekend.

Happy travels,
LOVE, MKH (the newest advocate for earmuffs everywhere)


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

She was so pretty before :( poor girl looks rough now! have a great weekend!