Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Summer- Almost Emergency

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone has had a great week and is super excited for the weekend! Monday was the first day of summer, and I know that I haven't blogged since Sunday so I want to wish everyone a happy 4th day of Summer. I am so happy that warm weather is finally here!

Oh sunshine....

I feel like it has been a super busy week at work/home/ and everywhere in between. Mallory was here in Lexington yesterday and today doing her orientation and other FROSH stuff for UK. I am super excited that she decided to come to UK and I know that she will have a wonderful time. I had planned on having dinner with my family yesterday after they left their scheduled events on campus. I rushed home from work and had just enough time to shower and get ready before they wanted to leave. I was scrambling trying to lay out my clothes for work today and set out my lunch and such when the fire alarm started blaring. I honestly didn't think anything about it as it usually means someone has "burned" something while cooking or someone is being immature and just felt like pulling the alarm. The alarm went off as quickly as it came on but the lights were still blinking. Because I was in a rush I didn't evacuate and I went about my business. The next thing I know my apartment is filled with smoke and my eyes are burning. I go to open my utility closet and smoke (I convince myself it is steam, but it really didn't make sense but it made me feel better...) is everywhere. A few moments later the photo below is telling of the scene that is my apartment.

4 fire-fighters, 3 axes, just like the movies.... PRICELESS

I guess the nice fire-fighters saw the smoke coming from under my door because the knocked and let themselves in. I was very surprised and was nervous and kept thinking, "OMG, my vacuum is in the closet, I wonder if it got too hot next to the hot water heater." Luckily the fire-fighters assured me that my vacuum had nothing to do with the smoke and it was something to do with the sewers and some gas issue. They confirmed that the smoke wasn't harmful and told me to turn on the A/C and the ceiling fans and everything would be fine. I am so glad they said A/C and ceiling fans because WAY TOO HOT to open the windows...

Overall it was a rushed and chaotic afternoon. Dinner was wonderful and it was nice to see everyone, even though it wasn't long enough. Happy almost Friday, and have a great weekend!

Smoke vs. Steam, I think I know the difference (maybe?)


Miss V said...

This is priceless I too had a fire scare today but nothing like yours! I am always super paranoid about fires and earthquakes so when the building fire alarm went off this evening I was screaming and rushing my poor bf out of the apt..flailing down hallways up stairways only to realize we were the only two who bothered to "get out"...apparently the guys doing construction on my building tripped the alarm...can't believe you actually had firefighters at your door...loved that you took a pic..haha

woodlandsblonde said...

Haha - well I'm glad you're okay :)! At least someone was there to rescue you just in case! That's have a great weekend :)!

Kristin said...

alarms go off way to frequently to think that theres actually smoke or fire lol. glad you are okay!

PinkLouLou said...

Were any of the firefighters cute? I need to know this. Ha ha