Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has had a great start to the week. I feel like I have been in a complete whirlwind these past 2 weeks. The BF and I have been super busy with traveling to my hometown (the land of no 3G and dial up Internet) the past two weekends to celebrate my sister's graduation and then with her graduation open-house. I have not gathered all of the photos from this past weekend (loading pictures on my computer is my equivalent of torture...) and am waiting until all of the photos have been loaded to blog about the weekend soiree. I will say that I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing people that I hadn't seen in ages.

Last week I celebrated my re-occurring 21st birthday and I received some wonderful goodies. On Friday before leaving to go home for the memorial weekend the BF brought me a gift and was adamant that I open it before we left. I knew that it must be something edible and I was super excited at the thought. Let me just say that I was SUPER SUPER SUPER excited when I actually opened the box- it was pure goodness, chocolate goodness.

BAKED NYC....the best brownies ever

Super excited to try some of these recipes...

Knowing that I have a true weakness for brownies Mommy/Daddy TX hit the spot with the heavenly treats and cookbook. Check out where you can order the same wonderful brownies here. I was so excited for the brownies that I was content with no other surprises for my special day. The BF also did wonderfully with picking out some lovely stationary and great knick-knacks.

Lilly Pulitzer note cards....super cute

Lilly Pulitzer address book...perfect for the super organized (which is totally me)...

I apologize for the short post. My apartment looks like a bomb exploded (not really but I am getting a nervous tick at the laundry that needs to be folded) and it needs some TLC. I hope everyone has a great evening and a wonderful Wednesday.



undomestic chica said...

Those brownies just made me hungry! :)