Friday, July 9, 2010

Brownie Debacle and HOT HOT HOT Thursday!

Its finally the weekend! I know that I only worked 3 days this week but that was 3 too many. I got so spoiled with having the long weekend and adding an extra vacation day, I wish I could do that every week. As short as my week was the weekend couldn't get here soon enough.

**Brief Sidenote**
Thursday July 8th was the hottest day of the year in Lexington, KY. When I walked out to my car after leaving work I began to sweat just in the short distance. I was amazed when I turned my car on when I saw the temperature. SO HOT...

102 degrees... Too hot to be outside!

As promised in my last post I said that I would detail the brownie debacle that happened in my apartment on Tuesday afternoon. Please note that Tuesday was my first time to even attempt to make brownies (or anything that required cracking an egg...) so please keep the judgment to a minimum. For the past few months I have been coveting this brownie pan that I had seen on some crazy late night/early morning QVC endorsement. The BF knowing this picked one up for me for my birthday. I had no idea that I even liked items from the "As Seen On TV" section at Target/Bed Bath & Beyond (everyone has seen it and I like to peruse that area whenever we frequent the store) but I thought that this would be a good first product to try.

Looks easy... don't be fooled!

Having never used the pan until Tuesday I was excited to see if the entire thing was as easy as it looked. I followed the instructions to the letter as directed on the box of Betty Crocker mix and even pulled out the directions for the brownie pan. After getting all of the pieces together it became quite clear that I didn't know which parts went where and how the whole thing was gong to be used. 

All of the necessary supplies....

Finally figured out how to put it all together...

What I didn't take a picture of (I was a bit flustered during this process) was when I went to go and put the pan in the oven the bottom fell out and the brownie batter ended up on the counter, on the floor (which I had just mopped), and on the rug (which I had just washed and dried). I have no clue how it happened and still don't. I salvaged what was left of the batter and ended up wiping the bottom and sides (thinking that it would be all gross and smell burnt if I didn't) before putting it into the oven. Thinking that I had fixed the problem I was ready to put the pan into the oven (try#2 of the afternoon). After successfully putting the pan on the rack I set the timer and went back to trying to clean what was left of the mess that I had just created. Soon after finishing wiping off the counter I started to smell something burning and was like "OMG, my pan and my brownies are on fire," when I looked in the oven I saw disappointment #2.

Small brown surprises left behind....

You guessed it, the bottom of the pan shifted yet again (shift#3 of the attempt) and left me with a mess to clean up. I had no idea that this pan was going to be such an ordeal, but after the brownies (they were very thin due to the lack of batter) cooled they were wonderfully delicious.

Brownies fit for the FOOD NETWORK.

It was a trying experience but the pan does really well. The brownies had perfect edges and were divided   and easy to pick up and put away, but the pan is not as easy as it looks. I would definitely recommend the pan but it should come with clearer instructions.

On a non-brownie note this weekend I am attending a Bachelorette party in Nashville. Catherine is getting married in August and I am super excited to see some of my close college friends again. Once we graduated everyone scattered and started their new lives in new places. 

Good Times with Good Friends...

I will be sure to post pictures of this weekend when I get back. I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys their time off. 

I will be taking brownie orders in the next few weeks (after I learn how to use the required kitchen utensils...jkjk)


Lacey in the City said...

It's great to find your blog! I actually was raised from 2nd to 9th grade in London, Kentucky, just an hour south of Lexington, and still have all of my family in Lex and Danville. I'm looking forward to following you here!