Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend ReCap... Better Late Than Never

Happy Thursday... I know that it is Thursday but I figured whats better than a weekend recap on a Thursday? Since it is almost the weekend I thought that I would share some photos from last weekend (Nashville Part#2). The BF and I had a great (but rushed) time traveling to the great state of TN (home of Dolly Parton, Country Music and 9% sales tax...) and I wish we could have stayed longer. It was my second weekend in a row to make the trip but it was worth it.

On Saturday the BF and I met up with Klay (my cousin) and Taylor (his GF) who both live in Nash. We figured what better way to see the sights and fun stuff (I grew up about 35 miles north of Nashville, but the extent of my Nash knowledge is limited to restaurants, the airport, and the shopping malls) than with two true Nashvillians, (Klay also grew up in the land of dial-up Internet and two lane roads but he made a quick exit after high school, so I guess he is a TN transplant...). Klay promised that he wouldn't take us anywhere country music related so I was excited for anything. We ended up going to the FRIST Museum of  Visual ART, and it was really neat. They had a Christian Dior exhibit that showcased clothing and styles throughout the decades. Photography wasn't allowed inside the museum (what kind of place says no to pictures...I thought that I would mention that this photo would be appearing on my blog but then I thought of the whole copyright/infringement issues that I could bring on myself so I decided against it...) so we had to make do and take pics outside. Please be warned it was HOT HOT HOT and my hair is a HOT HOT HOT mess.

Just inside the entrance to the Museum....

Outside trying to find some shade... It was SO HOT, but don't you LOVE my hair blowing in the wind. j/k

After meeting my Cultural/Artistic quota at the museum Klay and Taylor (Klaylor...cheesy I know but I always think its funny combining names. Morgan + Chad = Moad) took us to get some frozen yogurt. They both raved about how wonderful this yogurt was and I was excited because I'll try anything ice-cream related. The shop was too cute and I could have gone back for another cup, I would recommend Sweet CeCe's and I hope to be able to snack there again. When the BF and I were in Dallas in April, Family TX stopped at a place called YogurtVille and it was very similar to Sweet CeCe's. I hope that Lexington gets something similar soon, I had never really eaten Fro-Yo before but I am glad that I was adventurous. 

Klay and I in front of Sweet CeCe's.. it was a busy little area and I couldn't get any closer without getting dirty looks from nearby drivers...

After leaving Fro-Yo heaven we headed to Catherine and Gable's kitchen shower. Of course we had to make stop for a quick outfit change. We also had to say Goodbye to Klaylor, I know that we only live a few hours and an email away but I was sad to leave. We had such a good time and I hope that they come to Lexington soon!

Klay & I before we left...

The BF and I in outfit #2

The kitchen shower was super nice and we had a great time. It was so nice to see everyone and I a, getting super excited for Gable and Catherine's wedding in August. The countdown had begun. I would have posted pictures from the shower earlier but I was having minor technical issues with my camera so please forgive me. (After looking through the pics I noticed that my dress looks AWFUL... it looks completely bland and boring. I promise that it wasn't, all of the nice ruffles and tiers don't show up:(, note to self.)

DG/ Roomate Reunion... the MOH, Bride, MKH

Such a fun night.... Super excited for August 7th.

Overall it was a great weekend. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of rest, pool time and more rest. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and let me just say it is so overdue. I was able to reschedule as my normal appointment would have been last weekend and there wasn't anyway that it was possible, so I am more than thrilled for my hair time. It is my hair-fairy's first day back with me tomorrow since having her son in March. I am excited to see her and I hope that she isn't grossed out by my 5wk old roots and even grosser eyebrows. I would show a zoomed in view but I am afraid that it may burn your retinas and I can't be held responsible for any eye trauma. 

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! I promise to be more attentive/ computer savvy next week!


Ashley said...

You're a DG?!

woodlandsblonde said...

Looks like you guys had a great time :)

And you looked so patriotic doing it!

Super cute outfits!!

Beth Dunn said...

You all look great!