Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Indy Recap!!!

As I posted earlier the BF and I had a wonderful time in Indianapolis at the NCAA Championship game. The stadium was wonderful (I love the stadium/ballpark pretzels so I was super excited to get inside and get my salty snack) and our seats were even better. The whole day was fantastic and I am so glad that the BF and I were able to be there (even though UK didn't get to play). I had been to Indianapolis once before but this trip was different (it was warmer and a totally different atmosphere) and we had a blast. We were able to attend something called the FAN EXPERIENCE and it was something extra that was super fun but while we were inside it began to storm and rain. Needless to say that I didn't have an umbrella but by the time the first event was over and we were ready to leave for the game it was sprinkling so we made a run for it. When we got there it didn't matter that I had a small blonde afro or that my pants were soaked at the bottom, and suprisingly enough there were several UK fans all decked out in their Kentucky Blue (not to be confused with Duke Blue) and the BF and I felt as if we were in good company.

One of the first landmarks that we found...Nordstrom

Lucas Oil Stadium...awesome


Inside the stadium...tons of people

Waiting in line for the FAN EXPERIENCE...we made friends with a nice Kansas fan

The beginning of the FAN EXPERIENCE Reception...we were early:)

The BF with his ticket and FAN badge

Please excuse the nappy hair wet jeans


Nasty sweaty hair and UK2K...

Tons of people... 70,000+ fans in attendance

Lucas Oil Stadium after the game...

Bracket Town/ FAN EXPERIENCE headquarters

Even though the UK wasn't playing and DUKE won we had a great time. I hope everyone had a great Wednesday and is looking forward to the weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend in Lexington and I couldn't be more excited.

Happy Wednesday-