Monday, April 12, 2010

MKH's Mixed Monday...

So its Monday...... blahblahblah

Here is a short list of the things that I accomplished on this Monday

1. Acted as the reigning "Cube Queen" from 7-3:30
2. Managed to break a sweat with my BFF (the treadmill), we chatted for a brisk 50 minutes
3. Channeled Paula Dean and made myself a turkey sandwich
4. Danced around like Cinderella and folded laundry and hung dry-cleaning
5. Made a mental note to stock-up on fresh magazines at the airport this weekend
6. Contemplated blog botox...I think The Daily Days may be due for a facelift
7. Skimmed the online edition of Tops in Lexington (I was photographed in the magazine once and ever since I have been a cult follower)
8. Checked to prepare for the our weekend getaway to Dallas
9. Became a full-fledged adult and filled out the Census form
10. Noticed the neighbors across the street have an affinity for yelling loudly at the cars as they drive by.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday...
Love, MKH