Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday and Wall Decor

Happy Wednesday!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday. The weather is wonderful here and I am super excited to travel to Dallas this weekend to spend time with the BF's sweet family. In the midst of my hectic daily reign as the "Cube Queen" I have decided that I am ready for something new in the terms of wall accessories. I was thinking that I liked the oversized wire pieces but the only ones that I have seen look almost creepy, some of them have sun faces in the center and others have weird spikes and such. So pretty much I haven't seen anything that I have been excited about so I thought I would shift my attention to framed photographs or floral prints. I found a few pieces and I really like them, they are very simple but they coordinate with my bedroom color scheme.

Arhaus wire wall decor- set of three

Arhaus framed florals

Pottery Barn shelf with small framed sketch

Restoration Hardware framed floral

I have just started looking for some new pieces and I hope to find something soon. I am afraid that I may have to be brave and hit up TJ Maxx (I am not a fan of pawing through the unorganized mess) but only as a last resort. 

Again, Happy Wednesday and I hope everyone has a great Thursday. 


Amanda said...

Thanks for your compliments, and I love your style judging from these accessories.

A Wedding Story said...

Love the Arhaus pieces...I freaking love that store!