Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Breathe....

Happy Sunday

6 Days since my last post and I am sorry yet again. I give myself the (non-existent) truancy award for lack of blogging. I feel like I have been going non-stop for the past week. Work is crazy and is about to get even crazier and family has been in and out of town all week and weekend. The FIN and I are leaving on Thursday to take a weekend vacay with his parents to Savannah, GA. I am super excited and cannot wait to get out of town for a few days. Since last week I have checked my email on three times and have been on facebook only a few times. I have had no time to breathe and as I write this I feel as if I am taking a much needed moment for MKH.

Due to my lack of email checking and connection to anything blogging/Internet related I missed that I was tagged by one of my blog lovelies over at ATLYankeeBelle.

I love getting tagged or having comments posted on the Daily Days and this made my day when I saw it.  I also feel that it is appropriate since my life has been a bit chaotic lately. Better late than never and a big thanks to ATLYankeeBelle for the tag. This tag asks a series of questions and then suggests passing it on to 5 other blog pals.

Q#1: What is your signature color?
A#1: I thought that this was funny because several of my friends joke that I am always wearing black. I love a good Lilly dress as much as the next girl but the majority of tops/blouses/dresses are of the darker variety. One of my girl friends joked that she was expecting the colors of the wedding to be black or gray. I think that black is classic and its easy. I'm not much on loud prints/patterns.

Q#2: What is your most embarrassing moment?
A#2: IDK- I think that in every ice-breaker I have participated in this question has been asked, and I have always used someone else's (a friend or family members) story. 

Q#3: Would you ever get anything besides your ears pierced?
A#3: I had my belly-button pierced back when it was cool in high school, but other than that I wouldn't. I am scared of needles and the diseases that I could possibly contract from a gross piercing place.

Q#4: Are you a social butterfly of homebody?
A#4: I think I am very social but I also like to stay at home. I don't have to be on the GO GO GO all the time but I do like having plans and having fun with friends.

Q#5: Are you done having babies, or do you want to have children?
A#5: I have no children and babies make me extremely nervous.

Q#6: Do you remain loyal to your hair-stylist or do you try every new one in town?
A#6: I am very loyal to my hair fairy. I trust her and I consider her to be a friend. She acts as the impartial jury when I vent to her all things friends and work related. She is great and I don't cheat on her with any other hair people.

Q#7: How many times have you moved in your life?
A#7: I have moved only three times in my life. My first move was from my childhood home into the dorms. I then moved to my first off-campus apartment where I was for 3 years and now I am in my first grown-up apartment and I have been here for a year and am loving it.

Q#8: If you could plan a vacation with your love where would it be?
A#8: Anyplace tropical. I love the sun and laying out by the pool or at the beach. Pretty basic. Anywhere that they have ice-cream is also a plus!

Tagged ladies:
1. Jess

Happy Sunday-


Lacey in the City said...

Have a great time in Savannah!! That sounds like a perfect Labor Day Weekend getaway!

Heather said...

What a fun post, loved reading these Q&A!! Just found your blog, so cute and following along! People always tell me I wear black alot too!

♥lydia_isabelle♥ said...

congrats on your award! :)

Jess said...

Thank you for tagging me in this girlfriend! I was just thinking how I liked this survey and then got to the bottom and seen where you tagged me! haha I will get on this tomorrow!

Take pictures of the cake testing!
You can use your blog to document all your wedding planning and then look back on it one day! Congratulations again! :) SO exciting!