Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As the end of football season is approaching, the start of basketball is in full swing. If you have been living under a rock you may not know that John Calipari is the new Cats' coach. He is a media monger who genuinely looks excited to be at UK. I have gotten my Coach Cal fix since the BF is a huge follower.

In the spirit of basketball the BF and I went to the UK game last night. For those that have not heard it was a close game until the very last seconds. The game was packed and I was wedged between the BF and a college kid that had food-caked braces who was yelling pleasantries like, "Miss it," and "Boooooooo." When I say yelling I mean every other word. He and his buddy were doing the play by play after every move. I was expecting to see a headset with a microphone at some point (maybe they were practicing to be broadcasters, who knows). The older lady that sat next to the BF was decked out in the cutest UK gear that was circa 1970. She had the UK blue woven sweater with stitched cat paws. I wanted to ask where she got it but I didn't think it would be available in any retail establishment. She was so spunky and she was defiantly giving the referees a hard time, she had the enthusiasm of a younger fan. I was I could have sneaked a picture.

Even though the game was too close for comfort and the BF was on edge we had a great time. I have seen my dad and grandfather get nervous and get really into games before and the BF was no different last night. He was taking off his hat (nervous #1), chewing his nails/cuticles (nervous #2), and biting his lip (nervous #3). The game was a nail-biter and thankfully John Wall pulled out a buzzer beater at the end. It was a rocky start to the season and hopefully Cal's cats can get it together and FAST!!!

UK vs. Miami Ohio

My favorite part is when they bring out the flags... GO BIG BLUE

The BF and I before the game!

I hope everyone has had a great Tuesday!
Love, MKH