Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woof Woof...

So I blogged earlier today about trying to get a good jump on my Christmas shopping, I was convinced that I was going to be super productive. After making my first stop at Sonic for a sweet tea I hit the shops on Clay Avenue thinking I would find super-cute things. I could not have been more disappointed. I went to the Paperweight and to Peggy's and came up empty-handed. I think today must have been hateful employee day because all the sales people at the stores were less than welcoming.

While trying to parallel the Honda (which is no easy feat for me) I saw this super cute bakery and thought I would venture in. After leaving the Paperweight bag-less and a bit discouraged I walked next door and to my surprise the bakery was not a bakery it was a BARKERY. I noticed a sign on the front door saying that all animals must be on a lease, but thought that this shop was dog friendly. Imagine my expression when I walked in and there before me were dogs and their owners shopping/eating.

Rather than turn immediately and walk out I decide to walk around and see what they've got. Obviously this place is popular because there are people/dogs everywhere, and when I say dogs I don't mean those yippee purse dogs I mean like full size big horse dogs. I walk from room to room and finally make it to the back to the front where I decide that I am not interested in they are selling, and then I see what a display case with what looks like people treats. The treats look so real and yummy but they are only for four-legged creatures. I was slightly disappointed but figured while I was there I would pick up a few treats for Hagan. The BF says I bribe her to win her affection. I don't dispute that and I realize that if she and I have a bond that is based on treats/gifts I am fine with that.

Granted, Hagan has yet to try these awesome looking treats but I have heard great things about this BARKERY. As I was leaving the guy working the counter says, "Hey, follow us on Twitter." I smiled and thought oh my gosh what is the world coming to, dogs are even on twitter. I have posted some pics below of the super cute shop and the yummy looking treats. Hopefully Hagan will like them, she has a birthday coming up and I am sure she will expecting a cake/something from me since I try to reward her as much as possible (I know it is terrible, but I am trying to forge a friendship...haha)

Love the store-front!

A variety of goodies...they look so real!

A gluten-free doggie cupcake with sugarless sprinkles

They even come with cute paper wrappers...I love the cherry topper

A cocoa-free eclair. I wonder if dogs count their calories?

I still can't get over how bakeresque the BARKERY was. The guy working the counter was wearing an apron and he even picked each pastry out with the tissue paper as if it was a real bakery. Since finding this place I have googled and apparently they have more than one location and they get fantastic reviews.

For the dog-lover here is the link to the site....

The funniest thing about the whole day was that the treats for Hagan was my only successful purchase.

I hope everyone had a great day
Love, MKH (the dog-briber)