Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She Runs the House

When I began dating the BF I knew that he had a furry four-legged friend, but I was not aware that she ruled the house. Hagan (the dog/daughter of the BF) has made it clear that she is in control. I will admit the whole hyper dog made me a little nervous/anxious at first. Lets be honest, it made me very nervous. Hagan would do laps around the house, she shed like nobody's business, and I think she could sense my apprehension.

Well Hagan and I have been together for over a year and I think that we have developed an understanding. I have realized that Hagan set up her terroritory before I came along and I know that it has been just as difficult for her. Over the past year I have gone from watching Hagan from across the room and hoping that she would not come close (for fear of jumping, licking, massive shedding) to enjoying her being around. She still has her moments where she doesn't know what to think of me, she still barks when I get close to the BF, and she knows that I am a sucker for her sad face.

Hagan has destroyed toys I have gotten for her, she has scratched my legs, slobbered water on my bare feet, but I think she is beginning to like me. I honestly don't think that she was ready to share her dad with anyone, and maybe that is where some of the tension stems from. Slowly but surely I have seen that tension melt away. She will sit with me on the couch and she evn wags her tail when I walk in the door (sometimes...) and hopefully she doesn't think of me as the Evil StepMother.

Hagan's glamour shot...

Who knows, after getting Hagan to warm up to me I may be a dog person after all. Thats probably a bit much, but never say never!

Happy Dog Day-
Love, MKH