Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Newest Love

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

I think that I have found my latest LOVE, her name is GIGI and she makes cupcakes. While shopping on Wednesday (pre-Black Friday) I kept seeing people carrying these super-cute pastry boxes. So finally we asked someone and they pointed us in the right direction to the cupcake stand. When I say cupcake stand it is definately an understatement. This was a designer cupcake stand that had pewter serving trays and a strong following, the line was super long.

After getting up to the stand there were so many choices. I asked the cupcake girl what the favorite was and she said the Texas Chocolate and the Red Velvet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Velvet so I went with her suggestions and was impressed. GIGI's cupcakes were fabulous and worth the splurge. Don't worry I took pictures to document the cupcake adventure.

Uncle Jack shares in my LOVE of Red Velvet. He was able to splurge too!

Up close with the cakes-YUMMY!

We LOVED every bite!


The super-cute box matched Mal's sweater!
She was so thrilled to be posing with a cupcake box...

I would recommend GIGI's cupcakes to everyone and I can't wait to eat them again!

Happy Saturday-
Love the Cupcake Lover, MKH