Friday, November 13, 2009

Poor Puppy...

I was so excited to give Hagan those treats, I mean I can't describe how excited I was. When I gave them to her she licked, chewed, and wagged her tail with delight. What I was seeing as a twinkle in her eye turned into a mean cookie monster in her belly. The BF said she has been sick and is kind of mopey since this morning.

I feel absolutely awful about her not feeling well. I always thought it was funny when the BF would say that Hagan had a sensitive tummy but I guess she really does. As someone who has stomach issues I can sympathize with her. I hope that she does not associate seeing me with feeling bad and having belly aches. Just when I had gotten her to warm up to me...

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!
Love, MKH


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