Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Browsing...

Hello, and Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone has had a great week. It finally stopped raining here in Lexington and I cannot be any happier, for a few days I felt like a duck. It has been a pretty mellow week at work. Everyone here is in derby mode and when I say everyone I mean literally mean every person is talking about the Derby. The BF and I will be in Lexington this weekend as I have to try on a bridesmaid dress on Saturday and do some other errands and the weather is supposed to be miserable and rainy so I am content with staying put.

As tonight was a bit uneventful with me doing laundry and some small cleaning tasks (yes, the Cube Queen cleans when she is not sitting on her thrown in her cube) I decided to do some online browsing. I haven't been in the mood to hit the malls lately so I thought this would be the next best option. Thoughts?

Love the ruffles and the bow...

I think these buttons are super cute and fun...

I really like the fringe on this summer scarf...

This would be great to wear to a summer wedding...

I'm usually not much on white sandals, but I really like these Tory Burch sandals...

Enjoy your Friday....
Love, MKH

Monday, April 26, 2010


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I was in desperate need of a re-touch with my hair and luckily they were able to work me in for a quick pick me up on Saturday. Jennifer, my hair fairy of almost one year delivered her baby almost 3 months early and is on maternity leave. I was reccomended to another stylist and was a bit nervous (I am nervous anyway, but I have had several bad experiences so I felt that this was justified) and she did a wonderful job. It was so pretty when I left the salon I didn't even think about rain/storms/heavy gusting winds but I should have remembered that I do live in Kentucky and the weather is unpredictable.

The BF and I traveled to Louisville after my hair appointment to meet up with my dear BFF Emmy and her BF Austin. We ate lunch at this sweet little brunch place downtown, and it was really good. I would definatly be a repeat customer. Of course I had my camera and was primed and ready for the BF to take a photo of Emmy and I (for the Daily Days) and then we walked outside and the sky was black, the wind was howling, and it was starting to sprinkle. The photo was rushed and if it wasn't mimicking TWISTER I would have asked for a retake. Not to mention my hair went from nice and manicured to a blonde afro.

Rushed, one take only!

After enjoying a nice brunch with Emmy and her significant other the BF and I headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum to act as tourists. Neither one of us had ever been to the museum, and we had been talking about going for a few weeks, and I am so glad that we went. As soon as we got out of the vehicle the heavens opened up and it began to pour, literally pour. After getting into the museum we discovered that we weren't the only ones who decided to take a tour. We ended up having to wait about 45 minutes before we could take the tour, so we (meaning me) decided to take a few (meaning tons) of photos. After the mini-photo shoot the tour began and I had no idea that the museum was actually the factory where the bats were being made. It was very interesting to see the evolution of the bat and how each bat is specifically produced for each player. Since the beginning of Louisville Slugger, there have been over 8000 players on contract to use the bat. I had no idea the history behind the Louisville Slugger bat, it was definitely interesting and I would love to go back.

MLB flags in the entryway

The BF in front of the 8000 signature wall...notice the rain-soaked shirt & umbrella

Hall of Fame signatures....

Current MLB score board

Babe Ruth's final bat...

The BF and Joe DiMaggio

New York Yankees 2009 World Series plaque

Starting 9 New York Yankee bats during Game 1 of the 2009 World Series

Bats Bats Bats everywhere...even on the ceiling

MKH with Babe Ruth

The BF with Derek Jeter

Evan Longoria and Mickey Mantle's signed bats...notice the creepy gloves

The lady that took this told us this should be our Christmas Card photo...

A-Rods pink bat from Mother's Day 2009

Babe and I hanging out before the museum closed

The BF wanted to be friends with Babe too...

As we were leaving the rain stopped and I was able to get a quick picture.

Overall it was a great day and a great weekend. I think it is supposed to rain for the next few days in Lexington:( I hope everyone has had a great Monday!

Stay Dry-

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to Dallas...

I feel terrible that I am just getting around to posting about last weekend and our trip to Dallas. Since dating the BF I have been to TX several times and even before meeting the BF I had been to the DFW Airport but this was my first trip outside of the sliding doors. The BF always says that I seem to dawdle while in the airport (I seem to think that I move at my own pace) and this trip was no different. I was trailing behind at one point (checking and rechecking my carry-ons to ensure that I had not left anything behind) and when I looked up the BF had grabbed by suitcase off of the revolving baggage claim and was headed toward the exit. I was like WHOA, maybe I really do dwadle (but I would never admit to it, I just like to take in my surroundings) We arrived in Dallas on Friday mid afternoon and met up with the BF's parents (Mommy TX and Daddy TX). Never having ventured out of the DFW Airport I was all eyes in the backseat of the rental totally taking in the scenery.

I was totally expecting to see a sign that mimicked the above...just kidding

And I was totally prepared to see these girls everywhere too...

Granted I didn't spot any DCC Cheerleaders or any life-size cowboy hats I still had a wonderful time (funny I know....). Even though Dallas is WAY bigger than Lexington I felt that there were areas that reminded me of Lexington. Lexington is known for patio dining and everywhere we went there were people enjoying the afternoon at sweet little restaurants. I like the idea of a fast-paced, bigger city that allows for lots of entertainment. Not to mention I saw three different Nordstroms, 2 CPKs (California Pizza Kitchens) and a Container Store, I mean really what more could someone ask for. 

Aside from the great areas within the city that the BF were able to see we had a fantastic time spending time with his family. His sister and brother-in-law were great hostesses/tour-guides and it was nice to spend time with everyone. On Saturday, I experienced Sprinkles Cupcakes for the first time, and as much as I love GIGI's I think that Sprinkles may have them beat, (thats another post for another day...).

Outside of Sprinkles Cupcakes...yummy
{all photos courtesy of Mommy TX}

Matt, Courtney, MKH, and the BF at dinner on Saturday
{all photos courtesy of Mommy TX}

Family TX at Catina Laredo on Saturday (Mexican galore!!)
{all photos courtesy of Mommy TX}

The BF and I before dinner.
{all photos courtesy of Mommy TX}

It was a great first trip to Dallas and I am excited for future visits. I hope everyone had a great week back at work/school and has a nice weekend. It is supposed to rain for the next 10 days in Lexington and I am dreading the dreary weather. Happy Weekend!!!

Pray for sunshine:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Texas Travels...

The BF and I are traveling to Dallas this weekend. It is my first trip to Dallas and I am super excited. I will be sure to post about our weekend getaway when I return.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Love, MKH

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday and Wall Decor

Happy Wednesday!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday. The weather is wonderful here and I am super excited to travel to Dallas this weekend to spend time with the BF's sweet family. In the midst of my hectic daily reign as the "Cube Queen" I have decided that I am ready for something new in the terms of wall accessories. I was thinking that I liked the oversized wire pieces but the only ones that I have seen look almost creepy, some of them have sun faces in the center and others have weird spikes and such. So pretty much I haven't seen anything that I have been excited about so I thought I would shift my attention to framed photographs or floral prints. I found a few pieces and I really like them, they are very simple but they coordinate with my bedroom color scheme.

Arhaus wire wall decor- set of three

Arhaus framed florals

Pottery Barn shelf with small framed sketch

Restoration Hardware framed floral

I have just started looking for some new pieces and I hope to find something soon. I am afraid that I may have to be brave and hit up TJ Maxx (I am not a fan of pawing through the unorganized mess) but only as a last resort. 

Again, Happy Wednesday and I hope everyone has a great Thursday. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

MKH's Mixed Monday...

So its Monday...... blahblahblah

Here is a short list of the things that I accomplished on this Monday

1. Acted as the reigning "Cube Queen" from 7-3:30
2. Managed to break a sweat with my BFF (the treadmill), we chatted for a brisk 50 minutes
3. Channeled Paula Dean and made myself a turkey sandwich
4. Danced around like Cinderella and folded laundry and hung dry-cleaning
5. Made a mental note to stock-up on fresh magazines at the airport this weekend
6. Contemplated blog botox...I think The Daily Days may be due for a facelift
7. Skimmed the online edition of Tops in Lexington (I was photographed in the magazine once and ever since I have been a cult follower)
8. Checked to prepare for the our weekend getaway to Dallas
9. Became a full-fledged adult and filled out the Census form
10. Noticed the neighbors across the street have an affinity for yelling loudly at the cars as they drive by.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday...
Love, MKH

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Magazine Love...

Happy Sunday-

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is enjoying this wonderful Spring weather. It has been a relaxing weekend full of friends. After graduation (its been almost a whole year since I graduated in May 2009) almost all of my friends moved away and began new lives in new places. As hard as that was for me and as difficult as it can be at times it so great when they come back into town. On Friday evening my dear BFF Emmy was in from Louisville and we had a great time catching up and rehashing the "old days" (that sounds completely old and retired). It was so good for her to be in Lexington for the night and I was sad to see her leave on Saturday. After Emmy left I was able to meet up with Gable and Catherine (I lived with Catherine for  1 1/2 years and she is a fellow DG) and it was nice to catch up. Gable and Catherine are getting married in August in Nashville and I love all things planning related so I was eager to hear the details. It was a lovely time to catch up with friends and I can't wait for the next reunion.

On a much more "homely" note, I am magazine crazy and I love all magazines (celebrity rags, fitness, and design magazines, I love them all) and I regularly peruse the online versions of them to get my fix. One site that I regularly visit is the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, and I was taken aback by the featured home in this month's issue. I will admit I am not a fan of bright white anything (unless it is my teeth :)) but I took a liking to the white featured in this spread.

(Photo Courtesy, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

(Photo Courtesy, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

(Photo Courtesy, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

I really like heavy pieces and the kitchen island is gorgeous. I love the spindle details on the legs of the island (it is reminiscent of antique bedposts). A hidden gem in this photo is the pantry door at the back of the picture. I love unique details and those small touches make the room. I have seen several spreads in several different magazines and this is one of my favorites. Nerdy, I know but I look forward to the updates on these sites just as much as I look forward to the online sales at JCrew.

Again, I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and has a great Monday.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Indy Recap!!!

As I posted earlier the BF and I had a wonderful time in Indianapolis at the NCAA Championship game. The stadium was wonderful (I love the stadium/ballpark pretzels so I was super excited to get inside and get my salty snack) and our seats were even better. The whole day was fantastic and I am so glad that the BF and I were able to be there (even though UK didn't get to play). I had been to Indianapolis once before but this trip was different (it was warmer and a totally different atmosphere) and we had a blast. We were able to attend something called the FAN EXPERIENCE and it was something extra that was super fun but while we were inside it began to storm and rain. Needless to say that I didn't have an umbrella but by the time the first event was over and we were ready to leave for the game it was sprinkling so we made a run for it. When we got there it didn't matter that I had a small blonde afro or that my pants were soaked at the bottom, and suprisingly enough there were several UK fans all decked out in their Kentucky Blue (not to be confused with Duke Blue) and the BF and I felt as if we were in good company.

One of the first landmarks that we found...Nordstrom

Lucas Oil Stadium...awesome


Inside the stadium...tons of people

Waiting in line for the FAN EXPERIENCE...we made friends with a nice Kansas fan

The beginning of the FAN EXPERIENCE Reception...we were early:)

The BF with his ticket and FAN badge

Please excuse the nappy hair wet jeans


Nasty sweaty hair and UK2K...

Tons of people... 70,000+ fans in attendance

Lucas Oil Stadium after the game...

Bracket Town/ FAN EXPERIENCE headquarters

Even though the UK wasn't playing and DUKE won we had a great time. I hope everyone had a great Wednesday and is looking forward to the weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend in Lexington and I couldn't be more excited.

Happy Wednesday-