Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Blogger is Back....

I have been out of the blogging mood for the past few days, I haven't really been inspired by anything to post. Its been raining in Lexington for the last 100 days, not really but it has been dreary and wet for the past week, and I think that may have been a contributing factor to the whole 5 day hiatus that I have been on.

This was another football weekend in Lexington, I was worried about the weather all week, thinking that it would maybe put a damper on the weekend plans. Lets just say I'm not much on inclement weather or less than favorable conditions and being the "inside" person that I am I was leery about the pre-game festivities yesterday. On Friday night I reminded myself that I was going to need to allow myself enough time to get up and find the appropriate rain gear for the game. When being dropped off at my APT on Friday evening I was not feeling well about the whole tailgate scenario. Lets just say that it was raining like it wasn't going to rain again. Of course my thoughts went straight to what I was going to wear and how the pictures were not going to be "blog worthy" because of the frizzy hair and dumpy blue jeans.

Waking up on Saturday morning did not provide any better hope for the day. I thought due to the swampy weather Lexington had been experiencing over the last 100 days that major campus retailers (Wildcat Warehouse, UK Bookstore, and Hands on Originals) would be prepared and have rain gear ready to sell. WRONG!!!! I went to three places before I found jackets. I resorted to having to go to Kennedy's, I'm not fan due to the parking situation (my car was towed sophomore year and I still haven't recovered). I went in and asked where I could find the weather proof jackets and lady proceeded to look at me as if I was crazy. I decided that I was on my own and that I would just browse anyway. Being back in the bookstore really made me wish that I was back in school. There were cute school supplies (I'm a sucker for school supplies) backpacks and all things college. My walk down memory lane was short-lived. I was soon reminded that I was here to find rain gear. After wandering for a short while I found what I thought was satisfactory and left with jackets for myself and the BF.

I have blogged about my cooking skills or lack there of, but thankfully the BF makes up for it where I do not. When invited somewhere I never like to show up empty handed, and tailgates are no different. I never know exactly what to bring because everyone has different tastes and I know that I am content with eating a hotdog bun (sans the hotdog) if nothing else sounds appealing. The BF being the masterful baker that he is decided that we could do funfetti cupcakes. The cupcakes were a hit and I even decorated them with blue icing. We both thought that the stuff in the icing tube was icing but it was really blue gel. It looked kinda like kid-friendly toothpaste but thank goodness it had no flavor.

Before the toothpaste-esque gel was applied...

The BF (Betty Crocker) in action

The finished product... notice the nice rain jacket also.

The cupcakes were a huge hit, and the weather turned off to be very pleasant. I wore my rain jacket from the car to the tailgate and then got sweaty and had to take it off, the BF did the same. Oh well, at least we both are now prepared for inclement weather. As nice as the weather was the game was that terrible, it wasn't even fun to watch.

Notice the score...

Despite the CATS poor performance it was a packed house and it was another great day of friends, food, and fun.


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a great start to the work week.

Love, MKH