Monday, September 28, 2009


Its Monday. Thats enough. The weather was a little more bearable today, but the wind is blowing like 100 mph, and at one point this morning I thought the Honda was going to blow off the road. Luckily I made it to work safely and as soon as I opened the car door I felt like I was an extra in the movie Twister. At least the monsoons have stopped, but they are calling for a chance of rain this weekend.

On to more pressing issues... Tomorrow my younger sister is competing in the regional golf match back home. She is a great golfer and totally got all of the athletic genes. I am more of a spectator, I go for the scenery and for the joyriding in the golf cart. I cant get over how she packs that heavy bag up all of those hills and not to mention the heat. She plays golf in the dead heat of summer, the whole heat issue would be enough for me not to participate. I prefer to spend my days at the pool or lounging in a climate controlled zone.

She competed in several tournaments this summer and did extremely well. I have included some action shots for your viewing pleasure.

Such concentration....

Like a PRO....

Doing what she does best... J/K


Mallory is a senior at FSHS and is narrowing down her college choices. She has not crossed UK off her list, so there may be two Wildcats in the family. I will be sure to post on her performance and her college selections as the information becomes available, hahaha,

I hope everyone had a great Monday. Just think its almost the weekend:)

Love, MKH