Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simply Fantastic....

What a weekend...

This weekend was busy, fantastic, and full of friends. Yesterday was the UK vs. UL football game, and yes I did wear the Pennington and Bailes UK skirt, it was definitely a good choice. The weather started out cloudy and breezy, and I was worried that I would be cool. Well lets just say by the time the game was over my arms were sunburned. I had a tan lines were my short sleeve shirt stopped on my upper arm and even where my watch was on my wrist. The BF's face resembled a lobster and several friends who were at the game were equally as red. I was hoping that I would get some sun on my legs but they are just as pasty as when I arrived. It was a great game and UK barely pulled a win. I will say the highlight of the day for me was getting a stadium pretzel. I love the pretzels even though they are terrible for me. I dont know what it is about being at a game (any game- baseball, football, basketball, or even a golf match) I always gravitate to the jumbo pretzel. It is totally a mental thing.

I love football season for so so so many reasons but one of the best things is being able to be reunited with old friends (I know that sounds so nostalgic, but really). I have friends that have moved on and moved out of Lexington, but UK football and tailgating always brings them back. Below are a few photos pre-game and pre-sunburn.

Reunited at last.....

The BF pre-lobster face

So I am pretty much zonked out after a great weekend. As tired as I was I was able to muster the energy and made a quick trip to the mall today. It was surprisingly not crowded and the lines were not long. I tend to get annoyed/overwhelmed when there are outrageous crowds, but today was easy, and I did find some great casual pieces that will be great for fall.

Im usually not much on colored pants, but these are great!

The sweater is super comfy and fleecy on the inside

I love flats....these are extra-cushiony on the inside

I am blogged out, all that cheering and picture taking seriously took its toll yesterday. I hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend.

Have a lazy Sunday
Love, MKH