Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Kelly Ripa....

Kelly Ripa has to be my favorite morning show co-host. I love her so much that I even stayed home several mornings (lets be honest 90% of the mornings) my second semester freshman year to watch her. I know, I know I decided that the knowledge of my distinguished professors was second to that of Ms. Ripa. I will say that she taught me a lot about her adventures into domesticity. I can remember my friends and I watching and having belly laughs from some of her off the wall stories. Some of my favorite included those that dealt with her cooking skills (or lack there of).

Kelly Ripa and I have several things in common. We are both cooking challenged, we both love Regis, and most important we both share a love of Lexington. I moved to Lexington for college and I have loved it ever since. Lexington has been great for me. It was not overwhelming, I could handle the traffic, the city was clean, and it was the change of scenery that I needed. I do not think that I will be in Lexington forever, but I think that it has been a great place to launch myself and start my semi-adult life.

Even Kelly Ripa a big city celebrity can appreciate a quaint horse town in Kentucky. I think that she said it best......

Happy Hump Day!
Love, MKH