Thursday, October 1, 2009

2Nd PLACE!!!!

On Monday I blogged about how my sister Mallory was playing in the Region 4 Golf Tournament. As I had said earlier, she got all of the athletic prowess and she totally put it to good use on Tuesday. She placed second in the region and got an automatic bid to the state tournament. The state tournament is next week in BG, and I am sure that she will do fantastic.

Mallory with her trophy/plaque-WOOT WOOT 2nd PLACE!!!!

I hope everyone noticed her super-cute outfit. I had to watch the above clip twice because the first time I was focused on her attire. I had never seen her sport those duds and I was impressed. She was definatley the best dressed out there. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on her progress in the tournament next week

Here are some more photos from her day at the golf course....

Mallory and Sabrina who also made it to State

Mallory and the newsman (I prefer to call him the PAPARAZI...)

Sweet shoes, super cute!!!


On a non-athletic note I am so ready for the weekend, I got a pedicure today and it was fantastic. I have been busy this week with crafting, a semi-stressed work environment and yes even some cooking so I thought that I deserved a break.

I was asked to make a scrapbook page for one of my friends for her 21st birthday. If I had not already mentioned it, I LOVE CRAFTING (I will bedazzle, glitter, or glue anything and everything). My friend Lauren who the page is for grew up outside of Cleveland in the suburbs. When she came to KY she apparently thought that she was moving to a farm and that people let cows and such run wild. As luck would have it we became friends and when she found out that I grew up in the country she was mildly jealous. I am dead serious when I say that her life's ambition (besides being a Home-Economics teacher) is to live in the country with a gravel driveway. Knowing all of this information I felt that it would be fitting that I make her page centered around "farmy" things.... here is how it turned out!

I had memory #11, and Lauren really is "A CITY girl with COUNTRY dreams"

After finishing my crafting duties I thought I was already in domestic mode so why not continue and put Betty Crockerness to work. I saw these brownie things the other day while at Target and thought they looked yummy so I threw them in my buggy and figured that I would try them. The BF was over so I figured that he would be a willing tester of the bite size brownies.



I was kind of nervous because they were so small and the looked like little dirt balls that little kids would make. The BF said they were good, and I ended up take the rest to work. I thought maybe I would sweeten up my cube co-workers if I bribed them with food. No such luck, I ended up eating the rest of them. Oh well, they were actually pretty decent!

Weekend plans...going to FRANKLIN!!!! So I will be MIA for the next few days due to lacking technology and the horror of a dial-up Internet connection. I know-its terrible, but I am sure that I will have plenty of blog about when I get back to Lex.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous Friday and a great weekend!!!
Love, MKH