Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chilly Game Day...

It has been a lazy weekend. Yesterday the BF and I went to the UK vs. ULM football game and lets just say it was FREEZING. The weather was very pleasant while the sun was out, but once the sun went down it was absolutely cold. The CATS pulled out a win and had a comfortable lead at half time so we took that as a sign it was time for us to leave. We had a great time and the BF was even happier that the CATS won.

We were bundled up in fleece and layers....Brrrr

I know that I had blogged about the RHOA on Thursday, and I was so excited to watch it. Well on Thursday night I fell asleep before it aired but I made sure that my DVR was going to record. I looked forward all day on Friday to watching the RHOA season finale. When I got home I put on my pajamas, I had my Sonic Sweet Tea and I was so ready to watch. I go to turn on my TV and to my shock it DID NOT RECORD. Lets just say I was upset. My DVR has been ornery lately, last week it didn't record Desperate Housewives (another favorite) or Cougar Town, so I am convinced that it knows what shows I like and it deliberately does not record them. Not to worry I did get to watch it yesterday morning early. Lets just say I can't wait for the reunion show...

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!
Happy Halloween Week
Love, MKH