Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The time is finally here...its HALLOWEEN! I have been a little sluggish in terms of my costume and my holiday movie watching. For as long as I can remember I have always watched Hocus Pocus at least once before Halloween. When I was younger I was always scared of that movie (especially Sarah Jessica Parker's character) but I loved when the dark haired sister flew on the vacuum cleaner. That movie is ancient but I hope I can find it on TV before the weekend is up. I'm sure it is on the Disney Channel or something similar. I may have to ask the BF to watch it too, maybe he would give up watching his precious Yankees on Saturday- just kidding.

They make witchcraft so silly. Check out SJPs character...she looks so young!

Last night (Wednesday) the BF and I went to the Blue-White Scrimmage at Rupp. It was tons of fun and I am ready for football to be over and basketball to be here. I have not latched on to the whole Calipari network of crazed fans but I do like the atmosphere much more. I like that there are chair-back seats and the bathrooms are much cleaner (as clean as a public restroom can be). The CATS looked great and it makes me miss being in college that much more:(

CATS fans packed RUPP for the Blue-White Scrimmage

Packed House!!!


We had a great time at the game, it was great to see the school spirit.

I have been a busy bee tonight. My apartment has shiny floors and countertops, my closet is full of clean clothes and my knick-knacks are dust free. I have even managed to read a few chapters in my book. I have always liked to have a clean space but I find myself wiping down my countertops and appliances a few times each day. I know what everyone is thinking and I know that I don't cook/make a mess in the kitchen but I can't handle the dust/grime that accumulates on a daily basis. I have gone through two canisters of CLOROX Wipes for countertops/appliances in the last month.

Love these!

I love these, they smell so fresh and I have even started buying the lemon-scented trash bags. Crazy I know but anything to mask the nasty smell of trash is great by me.

In case anyone has forgotten tonight is the RHOA Reunion special. Tonight is the first part and the second part will air next week. I'm sure the ladies will not disappoint.

I have a hair appt. tomorrow to cover up these awful roots. I had my hair touched up 4 weeks ago and it already looks trashy. For some reason my color gets really brassy really quickly and then the color just dulls completely. I will have to ask my hair girl about it. I will spare you any more details.

I hope everyone has a great week and has an even better weekend! Don't forget about Daylight Savings!

Happy Halloween
Love, MKH