Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Travels....

Wheww... What a weekend. Before leaving you on Friday I had written that the BF and I were traveling to my hometown of Franklin for the weekend.

Franklin, KY- aka A Slower Paced Place...

We had a great time and it was good getting to see everyone. Before leaving on Friday I had been anxious running around trying to remember the things that I always forget when I go out of town (i.e. my toothbrush, face wash, glasses). I remembered all but my toothbrush, but don't worry I was able to find a replacement. I packed all the necessities into one small Vera Bradley duffel and my Longchamp shoulder tote. If anyone is interested in a new tote, I would defiantly recommend the Longchamp. These bags are lightweight, stain resistant and super fun.

I highly recommend... Very functional.

So as the BF was loading the bags into the car I noticed that there were some goodies on the backseat. I am not much on snacking in the car for fear of having to make pit-stops. I don't like to stop unless it is absolutely necessary, so I try to avoid all food/beverage intake if at all possible. The BF does not share in my theory of snack-less road trips because this bag of candy was HUGE. I think he must have gotten it in the Halloween section of Meijer or something because it screamed CAVITIES.

3 1/2 lbs of candy.

Before we got to Franklin, I was telling the BF about my two small cousins who he was going to be meeting for the first time. I still call them babies but they are really 6 and 7 years old. Since it is fall break at home they were getting to go to Florida along with the rest of the family. They were being all nice and calm around the BF (which is good because sometimes they can be a little rowdy). At some point throughout the visit I had an idea to get rid of some of that candy. I thought that I would load Sam and Will (the cousins) up with a good portion of the candy that the BF had brought along. So to answer your question, the BF was not able to polish off the entire bag of assorted sweets, he was a good sharer and let Sam and Will take the candy off his hands. I am sure my grandmother was cringing because she was going to have to ride in the car with them while they begged for the candy and fought over who got the red sucker and what not. Oh well, its vacation and it is totally okay to spurge while at the beach (or I think it is anyway). When I showed Sam the huge bag of candy he asked if he could pick out only the pieces that he wanted. We sat out on the golf-cart while he picked his favorite pieces out, he even was a good big brother and chose some pieces that Will would like too.

Will is on the left, and Sam is on the right.

I did some browsing on Saturday at some new chicky shops in BG. The BF stayed in the car and listened to UK football game. UK didn't do as well as hoped so it was probably better that he was in the car while I was dottling around. We had an easy afternoon, it was nice to just to be walking outside and have no set agenda. We will hopefully be making another trip back down to BG this weekend for my sister's golf match. If she qualifies for the final round of the tourney which is going to be on Saturday we are going to put on our walking shoes and walk the 18 hole course to cheer her on.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I will leave you with the only photo of the BF and I from this weekend. I was busily concerned with taking pictures of other things that I forgot to get a good shot of the two of us.


Happy Monday!
Love, MKH