Thursday, October 22, 2009

RHOA Season Finale

So I am upset that the finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is tonight.

I am a sucker for reality TV and I can't seem to look away when its on. The RHOA is my total brain rot show. It is seriously tacky and the women are less than classy but I can't miss an episode. Out of all of the series and the different characters Atlanta is my favorite. I can't relate to any of the women and I don't particulary like the characters they play but I love watching. The women are full of drama, hurtful comments, and senseless materialism. I think I watch because their lives/attitudes are so ridiclous and so far from what I consider normal that its crazy. To put it simply, the show is a trainwreck.

The RHOA Cast...

Not to worry, I will not be without a favorite show for too long. The RH of Orange County is starting on November 5th. I am super excited for the 5th season of the original series. The OC women are less physically dramatic, they are much quieter, and they are BLONDE!!!!

The OC Cast...

I love all seasons of the RH but Atlanta does have a place at the top. I hope everyone can appreciate trainwreck TV like I do. Be sure to tune in at 10EST on Bravo to watch the action.

Happy Thursday!
Love, MKH