Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hair Care-Weekend Vacay


Having blonde hair is ALOT of work, and being the hair challenged person that I am I need all of the help that I can get. I have always needed my hair care professional to be a more than a stylist, she has to be a confidant, friend, and critic. I need her to say, "Morgan, your hair is a mess," or "Morgan, those roots are terrible." My hair girl does just that, she is great. I need that blunt honesty because I am blind when it comes to blonde. We have been going over options, or I should say that she has been giving me options and I just stare in the mirror horrified that I may not have enough hair to put into a ponytail. Again, I am hair challenged and when the mornings come too early the ponytail never fails. I know its awful but some mornings thinking of having to do my hair makes me want to get back into bed. So I stick by love of the PONYTAIL!!!

She has given me a new hair regimen to protect my poor damaged hair from further distress caused by the super hot hair dryer, and the flat iron. I have always been a skeptic about the over-priced hair care products but she may have turned me. These products are GREAT!

The REDKEN Real Control family of products

I have been using the above products for almost a week and I can tell a huge difference. The frizzy fly-aways are not so frizzy anymore and my hair feels so much more hair-like. Pre-REDKEN my hair was straw-like and now it is soft to the touch. I am now a true-believer in the salon take-home products. I used to think that they were just trying to sell me, but I am so glad that I caved into the pressure. Who knows, they may start calling me for hair commercials or something like that, that would be great!

This weekend is the BF's birthday and we are traveling to his home state of TX! We are going to be celebrating his special day with his sweet family at their home. The nervous person that I am I shipped the gift to TX a few weeks ago for fear of luggage being lost or difficult airport security men who would want to unwrap the gift. I would post about the gifting that I have been doing but since both the BF and the sister (sister will be 18 on the 21st) read the Daily Days I think I will wait till the gifts have already been given. Oh well, I will be sure to document the gift unwrapping (I'm sure the BF will love that..haha) to share with everyone. I'm totally kidding, but I will be sure and snap some shots of TX for everyones viewing pleasure.


I am super excited about this weekend vacay, it will be a nice break from work and I am super excited to see everyone. I feel like Lexington is trying to copy on the weather of Seattle. It has been rainy, cold, and blah for like the past 7 days. Its awful, but I checked the weather in my cube today and the weather in TX is supposed to be 70 and sunny. YAY!!! NO MORE RAIN, or at least until Sunday when we get back. It will a nice tease of summer that left us a few weeks ago!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Travels
Love, MKH