Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Papa Murphy....

As said in earlier blogging snippets I am working on my skills in the kitchen. I am taking things slow and I am finding little things here and there that I enjoy. Something that has eased me into this new domestic transition is take and bake pizza. I know that I have mentioned it before, Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake, it has to be one of my new favorites.

The whole concept of take-n-bake is so great. I like that fact that you can go and watch the entire process, everything from dough tossing to saran wrapping- you get to see it all. It is so easy to prepare and it rivals any pizza that I have ever had. I tried to document the process but I couldn't get a clear picture. The glass at the store had a terrible glare. I was however able to take a few pictures before the BF and I gobbled it up.


14 minutes and 425 degrees later

It was so YUMMY. I can't wait to take-n-bake again!

All this cooking has me seriously thinking about my Halloween costume. I have tossed around several ideas and nothing has been WOW. I refuse to do a three-peat of my Twister dress. As much as I love that outfit I have worn it for two straight years, but I have always gotten compliments and it is super comfy so I might bring it back out for its final round. Twister is a last resort and I am serious this year.

I guess I could always channel my inner chef and dress in character. The costume would be easy, functional, and self-explanatory.

I could take a Papa Murphys take-n-bake as a prop!

Who knows. Halloween is still a few weeks away so I have a little time before I really start to fret. I hope everyone has been having a great week. Its Wednesday so the weekend is almost here!

Happy Hump Day-
Love, MKH