Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Cooking/Golfed Out

So yesterday the BF and I traveled to BG to watch my sister in the Kentucky Girls State Golf Tournament. We were told upfront that there would be no golf carts allowed and that we would be walking the entire 18 holes. I had never walked 18 holes of golf before and I didn't think that it could be that straining.

The BF and I left Lexington about 6ish and it was a long ride to the course, it was cold, rainy, and really dark. Overall the ride was pleasant and I was able to snap a few shots of the BF (aka the chauffeur) to document the trip.

He was such a good sport!! Notice the darkness, it was really early

After getting to the course we both realized that it was colder than we both had anticipated. It was overcast, the air was heavy, and the wind was blowing. So basically it wasn't a good day to be outside, much less on a golf course with nothing to protect you from the elements. Mallory did great and it was great for us to get to see everyone and see her play. It was the first time that I had ever watched a match from start to finish and it was interesting. The weather did not improve at all during the day. The sun would peak out and tease us at times but overall the weather was dismal. Despite the weather Mallory did great!

After she finished - at the score tent!

At the end of the day I was so tired and this morning my legs were still tired. I think the BF was pretty close to frozen when we got back to the car after the match. I had always thought that walking on the golf course would be done so at a leisurely pace, but I was wrong. Once Mallory hit off the tee box it was a scramble to get the next spot. No slow paceness to it. For the next match I know what to expect and will be sure to walk outdoors in advance before committing to go.

I know that I have blogged about my kitchen skills on several occasions and when the BF and I were at home last weekend I was given several surprises to make my kitchen more "kitchenly." The basket included utensils needed for any baking/cooking tasks, some pasta with my favorite sauces, and nice shiny cookware.

Some of the utensils

Pastas, so yummy!

My cooking care-package!

So I guess this means that I have no excuses when it comes to cooking. I now have a good start with the needed tools for my cooking adventures. It has been a hectic weekend and I am ready for a quiet night with my couch and DVR. All that walking really wore me out. I went to the mall today thinking that would put some pep in my step and all it did was make me realize that my I am so tired. I went to JCrew and Macys and had to head home. I was so happy to see the Honda in the parking lot because it meant my legs would be getting a break. Dramatic, I know but golf is really a sport that can get you into good shape.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!
Love, MKH